"Go on, Charles- ask her out!"

"Yeah, get over there man, before we do it for you!"

They pushed me forward, and I coulda sworn I stumbled five hundred feet at the speed of light in one millisecond, the way my stomach was turning inside out.

She was the most beautiful girl in the world. I don't know what it was about her, but for some reason, I could've spent eternity just looking at her. I loved every little movement she made, from the most comical, cynical faces she used when she was flustered (she was so cute when she was angry) to the innocent, ponderous way she looked afar when thinking about things.

Honestly, she wasn't even that graceful, but she had a determined, broad-shouldered way of walking that I couldn't help but grin at when watching. She didn't even cut a perfect figure- she was short and delicate, although that didn't ever stop her from hitting you when she thought you deserved it.

And actually, she really was a total friggin bitch, completely cock-sure of herself. And she spit- and snorted- like she was one of my guy friends, as well.

But for some reason, I'd sell my soul to be that woman's snot rag. Which was pretty much what I was on my way to do, right then and there, when she met me with her eyes.

She had the prettiest blue eyes, I tell you what... The kind you felt more than saw, for sure. And right then, it felt like a photon beam from a collapsing star- no, seven stars and a solar system- all hitting me at once.

Yeah that girl was a shooting star. And when she smiled, that star was smashing through your atmosphere. And when she walked towards you, it was like that meteor hitting Earth. And when she was standing right in front of you, smiling like seven collapsing stars (and a solar system) showering every prism of-

"Hey, Charzard!"

I could only grin like an idiot as all the dinosaurs on my planet took a diametric dirt nap.