Chapter six

Sophie skipped up to the front door of Nate's building and pressed the buzzer for his room.

"Password please." Came his voice through the speaker.

She faltered for a second before slowly saying, "Boobies?"

There was a snort of laughter from the other end and Nate said "I'm sorry, the answer I was looking for was 'Nate is a sex God', that was 'Nate is a sex God'. But boobies will do." There was a buzz to indicate the door was open and she opened it, walking in. There was a beep from the car park and she turned round to see Dylan had waited for her to get in the building; he waved at her and drove off. Ignoring the little flutter in her chest she made her way up the three flights of stairs to Nathan's floor. He was stood outside his door, waiting for her in just a towel. She grimaced at him

"Really Nate, do you have to? You know what clothes are for, right?"

Nate grinned at her and reached out, pulling her to him, "You know you love me and my naked body."

"Oh yes." She deadpanned, "Please restrain me now, I know not what I will do if you stay in this semi naked state for much longer."

"See, admitting it to yourself is the first step to recovery." He said wrapping his other arm around her so she was pressed up against his chest.

"Mmm, you smell good." She murmured, burying her face into the nook between his shoulder and his neck. She felt him chuckle and then take a breath to say something back…then nothing. Frowning she looked up at him, but he was staring at something across he hall. Turning round in his arms she saw a pretty girl stood outside the opposite door watching them. She turned back to look at Nate, before smiling at the girl and holding her hand out. "Hi, I'm Sophie, Nathan's best friend." She said, making sure to emphasise the 'friend' part. The girl gave a small smile and stepped forward to shake her hand.

"I'm Rose." She said, glancing up at Nate. Sophie elbowed him in the ribs and he let out a grunt before clearing his throat and running the hand that wasn't still wrapped around Sophie through his hair,

"Hi Rose." He gave her a nervous smile. Sophie almost cackled with glee.

"Are you coming out with us tonight?" She asked? Rose looked confused for a moment before looking at Nate questioningly. Nate looked at Sophie then back at Rose, opened his mouth then shut it again. "Well," Sophie chuckled, gently extracting herself from Nate's arm, "I'm going to go get ready. Pretty myself up. Why don't you tell Rose what time and where tonight?" She looked pointedly at Nate and turned to smile at the other girl, "It was nice meeting you."

"You too." Rose smiled back as Sophie walked into the apartment. As she shut the door she could hear Nate attempting to talk to her on the other side, so cute, she thought.

"Sophie!" Came a shout from the room at the bottom of the hall, turning to look she saw Nate's roommate, Anthony, coming out of the kitchen/diner.

"Hey Ant!" She grinned at him, moving forward to give him a quick hug. "You want to tell me what's going on with Nate and the cute chick from across the hall?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

Ant let out a loud groan, "Nothing is going on, and nothing ever will if he doesn't get his arse into gear!"

Sophie let out a loud laugh and shook her head. "I'll see what I can do tonight." She winked at him. "Anyways, I'm going to go get ready, see you in a few."

Anthony nodded, walking into his room as Sophie walked towards Nate's room. By the time Nate came back in she had gotten dressed, put her make up on and was stood in front of the mirror frowning at her hair.

"Should I leave it as it is, or straighten it?" She asked.

"Leave it." Nate said, without even looking up.

"I don't know why I bother asking you." She grumbled, turning to look at him.

"Neither do I. You know I prefer it natural. In fact I don't know any guy who doesn't."

She turned back to the mirror, pulling on a strand of her hair. It wasn't that she didn't like it – it was a chestnut colour and hung in loose waves and curls just below her shoulder – she just never felt like she'd made much of an effort if she didn't do anything with it. She shrugged and turned back to Nate, who still had just the towel on and was rummaging around in his wardrobe.

"So. She seemed nice." Sophie grinned at him. He looked at her over his shoulder and gave a little shrug before turning back to his search for clothes.

"Yeah, she's a nice girl. She's in one of my classes and we got chatting the other week."

"And when are you going to ask her out?"

He froze and turned to look at her. "Erm, ask her out?"

"Yes. You know, on a date? They usually include dinner and a film?"

"I know what a date is." He scowled at her, pulling on the shirt he'd taken out of the wardrobe, then grabbing a pair of boxers out of his drawer and pulling them on under his towel. "I don't know. I'm not sure if I want to go on a date with her." He pulled the towel off and chucked it over Sophie's head. She shrieked and threw it on his bed,

"Gross! That touched your winkle!"

Nate snorted with laughter, "I haven't heard that in ages! Winkle - how old are you again?"

She stuck her tongue out at him, "Why don't you want to go on a date with her?"

"It's not that I don't want to," He'd moved over to the mirror now and was attempting to tame his hair, "It's just that if it doesn't work out, she lives across the hall from me, she's in my class…it would be so awkward."

"What if it did work out and you lived happily every after? You can't refuse to go on a date with her just in case it doesn't work out; otherwise no-one would ever get together!"

He let out a sigh. "Fine; just for you I'll ask the nice girl out on a date."

"The nice – cute – girl." Sophie grinned at him. He rolled his eyes at her and threw his arm around her shoulders pulling her out of the room.

"Come along little miss match-maker. Let's go get drunk."

An hour later Sophie was well on her way to being drunk. She was sat on one side of the table with Anthony, blatantly staring at Nathan and Rose, a big grin on her face.

"If they get together and this works, I am so going into the match-making business." She said, taking a drink of her Bacardi and coke.

Anthony let out a loud laugh. "You need to get me sorted next then. Speaking of match-making," he grinned at her and she started to get a bit worried, "I hear you had a bit of a wild night with one Dylan Marwood."

Sophie let out a loud groan and glared at Nathan who was watching them out of the corner of his eye. He grinned at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm starting to re-think your status as best friend." She growled at him and turned back to Ant without waiting for his reaction. "There's nothing much to tell."

"That's not what I heard!" He said just as Nate coughed 'bullshit' from across the table.

She let out a groan and started to tell him what had happened, Nate and Rose listening in as well even though Nate already knew what had happened.

"Hang on;" Ant stopped her part way through. "How did Andrew know it was your bra?"

"I knew that was coming." She sighed. "We each do the washing; he sees my bras nearly every day."

"I do the washing when I go home. It doesn't mean I can differentiate between my mother's bras and my sister's." He pointed out to her.

"It was a rather distinctive bra." She grudgingly said.

"Please explain." Ant said as all three leaned in closer. She mumbled something. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

She glared at him again. "It was a Little Miss Naughty bra." She bit out.

There was a pause, and then both boys burst into laughter.

"You were wearing a Little Miss Naughty bra when you had a one night stand with your brother's best friend?" Nathan gasped. "You didn't tell me that!"

"And matching knickers." She grumbled, which caused them to start laughing again. She looked over at Rose who was quite clearly trying to hide the smile on her face. "Oh go ahead," she said to her, "you might as well laugh as well."

"You don't even fit into that bra any more!" Nathan crowed.

"Thanks for that Nate, that's just what the entire pub wanted to hear." She hissed as the rest of the table looked over at them in amusement.

"So, did Dylan know you were wearing a Little Miss Naughty bra on the night of this one night stand?" Anthony asked, winking at her.

"Could we please not keep focusing on what kind of bra it is?" She sighed and rubbed her face with her hands. "I'm assuming he noticed what kind of bra it was when he was staring at it on the floor hoping it would disappear. Also, is it really classed as a one night stand when the guy you slept with is someone you've known for around 18 years?"

"Stop trying to get out of the fact that you had a hot, steamy, one night stand with your older brother's best friend who you've had a hate/hate relationship with for the past 10 years!

"Seriously, I am so in the market for a new best friend."

"You wound me Soph, right here." He clutched his hands against his heart.

Sophie leaned over the table to poke him in the chest, and gasped as she knocked over the pint of beer that was in front of him. He let out a very girly squeal as he jumped up out of his seat, a wet patch spreading over the crotch of his jeans. He cursed and stood in a weird version of the star fish staring ruefully at his pants.

"I'm so sorry!" Sophie cried, her hands over her mouth and her eyes wide, "I didn't mean to!"

Nate shot her a look, before half heartedly wiping at his pants with his hand. "Nah, it's okay. I mean, it can be a new scent can't it? Eu de pintette. It's better than Lynx, really seeps in your clothes for that long lasting smell."

Sophie gave out a snort of laughter before trying to compose herself again, "I'll go get you a cloth from behind the bar." And she scurried off.

Sophie woke up the next morning with her legs entwined with Nate's in bed, his arm thrown around her waist. She groaned and tried to un-tangle herself from him when she heard a noise from the doorway. Looking up she let out little squeal at the sight of Anthony, Rose and Dylan watching them. Nate made a grumbling sound next to her and elbowed her slightly.

"Gerroff." He mumbled at her.

She elbowed him back, "We have company." She hissed at him. "And you get off me!" He opened one eye, squinting at everyone.

"What time is it?" He asked, removing his arm from around her to rub at his eyes.

"Ten." Anthony grinned at them. "Time for you two love birds to get out of bed.

Sophie made gagging noises as she rolled to the side of the bed, flopping her legs over the edge in an effort to actually get up. She let out a shriek as she was pushed and landed in a heap on the floor.

"That could have seriously hurt me you know." She grumbled, glaring up at Nate who was grinning at her over the side of the bed. He shrugged and stretched before getting out of bed himself.

"To what do we owe the pleasure?" He asked the three still stood in the doorway, watching them in amusement.

"I have to go out later, and said I'd pick Sophie up." Dylan said an odd look on his face. "I have tried to ring you, and left you a voice mail and a text, but obviously you were comatose."

She stuck her tongue out at him in a very grown up and mature way.

"I wanted to see if you guys wanted to get breakfast or something." Rose said, smiling shyly at Nate, whose face lit up.

"Sure, just let me get dressed." He walked passed Sophie who was still on the floor, kicking her as she started to make kissing faces at him.

"Ow." She frowned, rubbing her side.

"Come on Sophie, I need to get back. "Dylan said curtly.

"Yeah yeah, keep your knickers on. I'm coming." She grumbled, getting to her feet and grabbing her over night bag before stomping into the en suit.

Half an hour later she had said goodbye to everyone, forced a promise from Nathan that he would let her know how his breakfast date went, and was in the car with a very grumpy Dylan.

"What's your problem?" She asked, "I'm the one with the hangover."


She raised her eyebrows at him. "Nothing? That's why you're acting like someone just ran over your puppy then deposited the remains at your front door?"

He let out a grunt and she sighed. So much for the progress they'd made yesterday.

She walked through the front door, muttering a quick thanks to Dylan who had barely said two words to her the entire ride home. Watching him run up the stairs to his room she frowned and walked into the front room where she could hear the T.V.

"What's up with Mr. Happy?" She asked Andrew who was sprawled across the sofa.

"What do you mean?" He asked looking up at her.

"Dylan. He's hardly spoken to me all the way home. Yesterday he was actually being nice to me for a change.

Andrew shrugged, turning back to the T.V. "No idea, he was fine when he left here. I offered to go and get you instead and he said no."

"Oh." She murmured; a little confused. Hadn't he said he was busy? She shrugged a little and started to make her way up the stairs when her phone beeped. Remembering she hadn't checked it all morning she pulled it out of her bag noting that she had 3 messages and 2 missed calls. She checked her messages first, the latest one being from Nate.

Dylan was so obviously jealous that you were in my bed and not his – kissy kissy! ;p

She rolled her eyes, starting to type out a reply while she carried on up the stairs.

You are imagining things – again! I think we need to take you to see someone. How's your date going? ;) xx

She jumped when she was stopped by two hands on her arms. Looking up she realised she was on the landing and was just about to walk into Dylan.

"You have got to start looking where you're going." He said a slight smirk on his face.

"Oh; so you can talk." She deadpanned, raising her eyebrows at him.

He shuffled his feet slightly looking sheepish. "Yeah. Sorry about earlier. Bad morning." She nodded at him choosing not to mention the fact the Andrew had just said he was fine when he'd left the house. She'd give him the benefit of the doubt and assume something had happened on the way to pick her up. He looked at her phone. "Finally reading your messages?"

"Yeah. Not got much further than Nate's though."

"Oh? He can't last 30 minutes without talking to you?" He smiled, but there was something in his voice she frowned at.

"No. He's on his first date with Rose and I told him to let me know how it was going." She hit send and looked at the other two messages – both off Dylan. She clicked on the first one which was just him asking if she'd be ready for 9am. She clicked out of it and onto the next one, looking up at Dylan after she'd read it.

"I thought you were busy?" She asked

"Hmmm?" She handed him the phone and he took it off her, quickly reading the message.

Fancy getting breakfast somewhere?

He rubbed his hand over the back of his head and smiled sheepishly at her.

"And; if you wanted to get breakfast why be so moody all the way home?"

He let out a sigh. "Plans changed. Want to get breakfast or not?"

She studied him for a second before nodding. "Sure. Just let me dump this bag in my room." He nodded and made his way downstairs. She stood watching him wondering at his sudden mood change. Maybe Nathan's right she thought. Maybe he was jealous. As soon as she had the thought she scoffed at herself. Yeah right. Dylan Marwood jealous of Nathan? In fact - Dylan Marwood jealous of anything to do with you? Get a grip Sophie.

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