The Truth Is; Chapter 2: Sneaking Around

It was all fun and games really, that's what it was when we first broke up, after two years of being together. That and trying to get him back. For six months and half months, I tried to get him back. We were sneaking around behind his girlfriend Kim's back, he was lying to her as was I. Why would I tell her he was with me, when it was something I could hold over his head, there is no question I would keep my promise to him until he would do something to make me so mad I couldn't help but bring his world tumbling down, even if it was just a little bit.

He needed to wake up and realize what he was doing wasn't right, playing these games, telling me he loves still, coming and sleeping in the same bed as me, cuddling and loving me as if nothing had changed.

Four months later

I was planning a trip to Colorado, and he didn't want me to go he wanted me to stay.

"If you want me to stay come out this weekend, spend the weekend with me and Damien. Spend it with us and we will see how it goes."

"I'm not going to come down if you are just going to take off and leave me."

"Well you are still with Kim, so what does it matter if I take off and go?"

"We broke up I'm not with her any more, I want things back with you, I want my family back Lissa."

"Like I said come down this weekend, and spend the weekend with us, if you do I won't go. I promise."

And just like that I was leaving my best friend Mikey and Jades house and heading home to go and pick Derik up. This was how it was; this is what he would do. He came down that weekend and spent it with us, but I left for Colorado that Thursday like I was supposed to. And all he did was text me and fight with, and call me and make my trip miserable. So I came home early, but while I was gone we had got back together, and had made plans to meet up at Brandon's, so I left and was there for a few days. He told me he never said we were back together, that he said he would think about it. He had gotten back together with Kim, every way I turned it was her, and never nothing about the family he had made with me.

We fought, and that was that. Nothing had changed, I had still missed him just as much as before and I couldn't deal with this being alone, and being sad. I wanted him back, so I was going to go back to doing what I was good at with him, sneaking around.

Because for those few moments where he was with me, it was worth it all even the pain at the end when he went back home, and I knew he would be seeing her.

Two months later

Another trip to Brandon's, only this one ended with a trip to the ER, because he shot me in the mouth with a bb gun. Little did I know this would be one of the last times I would see him for six months. After they had let him go and didn't arrest him, he was crying and hugging me. Saying sorry, and that he loved me and that he didn't mean to hurt me.

I believed him, because I don't think he meant to shoot me where he did, do I think he shot me on purpose yes, but not in the mouth. But that's how things happen; they don't turn out how we plan them too, they never do.