Well, hello thar! This was something that had been floating in the back of my mind for some time. I love stories about zombies, Apocalypse, end of the world stuff because I think that it could be a possibility for all we know. So this story is an AU involving Jeremy and Andrew from Private Practice. I'm not sure if I'll keep working on it or not and if anyone is a fan of Private Practice understand that I'm working on it as well.

Well, enjoy, review and so on!


The end had begun so quickly that no one really had time to understand what they were seeing. Many fled to churches and prayed to a God that no longer listened to their pleas; others picked up shot guns and lined their families up against the wall to put them out of their misery, while some simply stood on their lawn awaiting the inevitable.

There were numerous reports on the radio and television of government testing going too far, of scientists hidden underground trying to create stronger chemical weapons. It was Biological warfare at its finest, a new way to kill the enemy as subtly as possible as to not draw attention to certain persons of interest. Still, based on all the rumors that spread in the year leading up to the event, it had started not in the United States like most Hollywood movies had portrayed over the decades, but in the Shetland Islands beneath a simple, seemingly innocent house in a green field surrounded by bleating sheep and weathered fences. It had begun disgustingly simple, by way of a young lab technician stepping back too quickly into a display of petri dishes. The six people within the small chamber panicked, all rushed to the doors for decontamination, but it was already too late.

Like a swarm of hostile wasps, the virus spread within their blood, stained it beyond recognition as it slowly began to consume them. They thought they were safe, they all assumed that the chemical bath had washed away all traces of the disease, but it had seeped beyond the government issued hazmat suits and was absorbed into their skin like rainwater.

It was all over in that moment.

No one really completely understood or even knew for a fact what happened after that. American and Turkish scientists searched the remains of the ground zero, sifted through the coagulated blood, hair and flesh that had been strewn around the room like confetti at a parade and found out only this from journal logs: they were fast, they were angry, they were hungry. However, those important documents and information had died along with the very men and women who had found it. It was in the blood, in the flesh and bones that they had touched and they too succumb to the disease just as their predecessors before them.

In a mere year and two months it had spread from a small island in Europe through most of the world and in the end, what people, what human kind, had once strived so hard to create in their technology and government equaled to nothing. And, with everything now beyond repair, the world collapsed into an apocalyptic after-world run by the dead.