By Regis A Welch

Sit me down upon the table
I'm three years old and I'm

I see my mother disabled
She's weak like me
She starts to bleed
And I think

If I was bigger
If I was stronger
I can't take this any longer
Who will save me?
Do you hate me?
How can you hurt your baby?

And my heart skips beats
When your hand flies free

As I get older I'm in danger
Thirteen years old but still

I need an answer to this anger
You're not around
You can't tell me
(Can't tell me)

What's going on here?
Am I a monster?
Am I alone to ponder

All this fury
Coursing through me?
Why am I always angry?

I fear what I'll be
If my hand flies free

And I just want to live
Beyond my gloomy past
Outside the shadow of your hate

I have so much to give
And I can learn so fast
If I can just outrun your fate

I'm looking hard in a mirror
Twenty three years old, no longer
I swear that I didn't see her
But when she spoke to me
I let it all break free

And then I see you
Want to beat you
Because I can't defeat you

In my engine
Roaring, grinning
A vicious cycle spinning

I'm you, and you're me
As our hand flies free