celebrity Disclaimer: All belong to me. Work of fiction. Resemblence to anyone - living or dead - is purely coincidental. Inspired by River Phoenix. Let us remember him for who he was...and not how he died.

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Sky Rivers.

How we quivered at the mention of that name, how we squealed, how we trembled. Sky Rivers. Our hero, our god. Our property, to be placed on a pedestal, to worship and adore.

What a talent he was, Sky Rivers. A talent on the silver screen. A talent on a compact disc. And handsome! He had eyes as blue as the ocean, hair coloured like the golden rays of early sunshine. Lips so fully divine, it's not hard to imagine them on your own. His signature gaze that was so intense, and sometimes so full of hatred.

We never knew what he hated, though. It didn't matter, because all that mattered was that Sky Rivers was handsome. We spent days and nights staring at photographs of him, wishing for him upon a star, heaving lustrous sighs at the mere thought of having him as our own. So much time spent fantasising about Sky Rivers, but did we really know who he was? did we really care?

We made it a must to catch every single movie he had ever made, but it wasn't Sky Rivers the actor we wanted to watch. It was Sky Rivers the celebrity we were crazy about. Sky Rivers was an actor, yes, but that didn't hold too much of a significance to us. He was talented, yes, but all we saw was his outer beauty. Most of his movies didn't make sense to us, but what did we care? All we wanted was to spend 2 hours in a darkened room looking at him, admiring his good looks, and fantasising about him.

We owned all his albums too. All five of them. Although his music was too complex for us to understand, we didn't care. There were nights when all we did was listen to his voice, that beautiful voice, singing words so poetic and metaphorical, it drove us nuts that we didn't get it, and we would fall asleep hearing his voice, forming rich melodies in our heads, until they appear in our dreams. Haunting us, filling our hearts with warmth.

There was a particular song on his 4th album, entitled "Celebrity". All of us loved it, because it was the biggest hit that year. The year 1988. "'Celebrity' - by Sky Rivers! Sitting at number one for the 7th consecutive week!" "Sky Rivers' 'Celebrity' is the most played single of the year!" "Major kudos to Mr. Rivers for producing 'Celebrity', one of the best songs of the decade!" "Sky Rivers is the one to watch! He is amazing, and it shows in 'Celebrity', the best song ever recorded!"

All of us went around, singing the words at the top of our lungs, never realising the desperate plea behind our idol's words, "They dress me up/And snap a picture/Put on the make-up/I pretend it's the nature/Of my work/The thing called fame/Making me a celebrity/Making me someone I'm not/Forcing me into his clothes/Undress me now/The thing called fame/Making me a celebrity."

And then there were the magazine articles. We had so many of those! Our collection was countless! Numberless! Virtually uncountable! They took up so much space in our drawers and cupboards! Step into one of our rooms, and there he is, Sky Rivers! All dolled up, ready for us to admire! Glaring at you, smiling at you, flipping the finger at you, wearing designer clothes, or even not wearing any clothes...you name it, we've got it. Open one of our drawers, and magazine papers would come spilling out until the floor is covered with them. So many pictures and posters, so many articles. It makes one's head spin.

Especially if it was Sky Rivers'.


So many articles. So many words. So much emotions and feelings - but did they sink in?

"Acting and being a musician - those are what I wanted. My whole life was about that. But I wonder, is it worthwhile?" - Sky Rivers in Vanity Fair, November 1988.

Oh yes, Sky Rivers, we answered silently. It is worthwhile.

"I'm starting to become tired with this whole...profession. Hollywood is one screwed up place; you either make it, or you don't. Even if you do, you're marked for life, because everyone expects so much out of you, and you don't know if you can do it. The music industry is no better. You produce one great single, and everyone remembers you for just that. Doesn't matter what better songs you come out with, when your name is mentioned, that one single will come next." - Sky Rivers in People, January 1989.

Oh Sky, you know you would be remembered for all that you do. For all that you have gave the world.

"Every time I hear a flipped out fan call - no, scream - my name, I flip out myself. I'm so sick of over-sexed girls coming up to me and saying, Oh my god, Sky, you're like, so hot. Who in fuck cares how I look like! That's not the goddamned point, and they don't fucking get it!" - Sky Rivers in Rolling Stone, June 1990.

But Sky, that is what you are...hot.

"I'm not a fucking god, and I wish everyone would stop treating me like one!" - Sky Rivers in Rolling Stone, October 1990.

But Sky, we argued, you are a god.

All of us were shocked when we heard the news this morning in his rented house in the City of Angels none of us could believe what happened America's most popular 20-year-old actor/musician Sky Rivers it was so surreal, like we were living a nightmare was found dead by his 32-year-old neighbour.

Sky Rivers' death was the talk of the town, possibly even the entire world. We could not stop crying, could not stop weeping, could not stop shedding tears for our fallen angel who has now risen back to heaven. None of us would forget that morning, March 25, 1991, when the one that held the key to our hearts is so brutally taken away from us.

"And we were just listening to 'Celebrity'!" one of us cried.

"Like, tell me about it! God, this is unreal! There has got to be some kind of a mistake!" another one replied, her words choked with tears and anger.

"How can Sky Rivers die? He was our god! Gods aren't supposed to die!"


It was suicide, they said, he put his head in a noose and simply let go. Until no breath escaped from his mouth, and no air entered to fill his lungs. Until his body started to freeze, and he hung limply from the noose, like a stage puppet that has been manipulated one too many times, and no longer had a life of its own.

And how quick the media was, to pick up on his death. Day after day the news about his death was plasterd all over magazine covers, announced in every radio station and television channel. As if they were afraid we wouldn't know, wouldn't find out. It broke our hearts to see him being dissected Sky Rivers, found dead in his house into bits of unrecognisable pieces coroner said it was suicide like he was some public figure Sky Rivers was America's hottest young actor/musician that didn't have a life he was best known for his hit single "Celebrity" outside of being a celebrity.