"So . . . Jamie. . ." The coy smile spread across Rachel's lips made me nervous. I didn't want to be at this sleepover, but I knew that if I were to skip out I would be asking for it, and when I say it I mean getting made fun of by Rachel and all of her minions. Even though I was beginning to feel like that was the purpose of this sleepover.

"Uh, yeah?" I pushed my long burgundy toned hair behind my ears. Growing slightly nervous under the stares of the girls.

"Have you ever had your first kiss?"

One of the girls snickered slightly.

"Shut up!" Rachel bitched to the girl, "It's alright, have you kissed anyone before?"

Here we go. I knew I couldn't lie, this was a trap. I shook my head no. My heart began to race as the smile returned to her lips.

"Ah, I see." she got up and walked to her door.

"What are you doing?"

She didn't need to answer my question.

"Lucus, can you come here?" She called down the hallway into her brother's room. My heart was beating into my ears, and I knew there was a prominent blush on my cheeks. In the few moments I had seen him, I had seen enough to know he is sexy. His shaggy blonde hair was perfect, almost covering the shady blue eyes. Now I wasn't sure what he is being called in for. Somehow I managed to grow even more nervous when he walked in the door. I took in the sight of his tight black jeans, and how they fit him. And how that dark shirt fit him too.

"Yeah?" His voice was perfect too, manly, but not gruff. Clear.

Rachel pointed towards me.

"Jamie has never had her first kiss before. . . I was thinking you could maybe help her out with this?"

"Sixteen and no first kiss? Well, she definitely does need help." Lucus smiled at me, " AND I am definitely the right person to ask for help."

"I - I uh." I stammered nervously.

"Calm down Jamie, Lucus is nice. What? Do you hate my brother? I am not fond of people who hate my brother."

Somehow I couldn't say that I wasn't willing to kiss him. I wanted to cry. Either way things weren't good, but at this point I'd rather kiss Lucus than get hazed by these girls. The wicked grin never left Lucus's face as he reached down to take my hand. He looked at Rachel.

"Is it alright if I take her to my room?"

To his room? I couldn't, I prayed that Rachel would want to see my humilation and refuse that.

"Of course, go right ahead. I am sure she would enjoy it. Right Jamie?"

Damn. I nodded in defeat as I pulled myself off of the floor.

"See you all later...maybe." Lucus waved with the hand that wasn't holding mine as he lead me out of the doorway. I thought my knees would give way at any moment, I was scared beyond my wits. The hall felt too short, and soon enough we were in the confines of his messy room that had socks and other various items strewn across the floor. Once I heard the click of the lock on his door, I knew that I was now at his complete mercy.

Lucus approached me like a panther stalking it's prey. The large bed was behind me, but I tried to push those thoughts to a far corner of my mind. I tried to tell myself that he would only take my first kiss, and it would end at that; but who was I kidding? Surely not myself. Why else would he have taken me to his room and locked the door behind us. He was now looming over me, and I had to muster up a great deal of courage to keep myself from cowering at his presence.

"Jamie. . . the way you tremble is adorable. And that blush just makes it so much better. . . I like shy girls." the smile he was holding confused my senses, it was creepy yet sexy in an odd way. His hand went to my chin, taking it firmly in one hand. He leaned in and pressed his soft lips into mine. I was shocked at how amazing it was, and then he began to move his lips against mine, and despite my inexperience I somehow knew how to return the kiss. A strong arm wrapped around my hips when my legs failed me, and I fell into his embrace willingly now. Without warning his tongue slipped into my mouth and began to explore every space possible, pulling a deep moan from my throat. He used his body to push me backwards at a slow enough pace where I didn't notice we were moving until I felt the edge of the bed hit the back of my knees. With deft hands he lifted me up and layed me down on my back on his soft bed. It creaked under his weight as he climbed over me, not breaking the kiss once. My breathing had increased as I was now somewhat scared. I pulled my lips from his,

"Lucus stop, I don't want to go any farther. You took my first kiss, that's enough."

He kissed me,

"Shhh just let me continue."

He pressed his lips firmer into mine. I struggled against his forceful assault on my mouth,

"No, Lucus." I shoved him away from me, "Stop!"

"Oh come on, you know you don't want that."

"Please just stop, I don't!"

Before I could respond he pinned my hands above my head, and now he kissed his way down my neck. Those lips I had enjoyed moments before now felt disgusting against my skin. He was too strong for me, I struggled against his grasp but I couldn't get shake him now.

"Babe, stop fighting." He whispered before slipping a hand up my shirt. The scream that tried to escape my lips had no time to escape; muffled with his own mouth before it could even form.

"Don't do that, you know you are enjoying this."

"I'm not, Lucus. . . " A tear ran down my cheek.

"You seemed to be enjoying that kiss."

"I was, but I-I. I'm not ready to have sex with someone."

He took my lips with his own once again.

"You're sixteen, it's not a bad age to lose your virginity."

I sighed. Deep down I wanted to have sex with him, and I would be going more willingly if I weren't a virgin. But if it had to happen, it at least needed to be somewhat special.

"Alright. . . please, Lucus just please wear a condom."

"If that's what it takes." He shrugged before he sat up and reached to the night stand, pulling open a drawer. He reached in and rummaged around a bit before he pulled out a condom, it's shiny purple package drawing my attention to it. He sat up, and I could now see the large bulge in his dark jeans.

"How old are you?"

He now gave me a bewildered look,


"How old are you?"

"That doesn't matter."

"It does to me, and it should matter to you."

"Well it doesn't. I don't care, and neither should you."

I groaned and shook my head.

I watched while he unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal black boxers, surprise surprise, his boxers match his outfit. There was a prominent outline of his large, hard cock through the boxers. There is no way that would fit in me.

"I know you are enjoying the show, but it would be nice for you to take off your clothes too."

Didn't the guy do that for the girl? I suppose I was wrong. I nervously sat up and pulled my shirt off, then unclipped the pink cotton bra holding in my moderatley sized breasts. I sighed when they bounced free of the bra, no longer restricted within it. I tossed it to the ground near the bed and listened to Lucus's sharp intake in breath at the sight of my perky breasts and slim build. My cheeks burned with the blush that this struck.

"Don't be embarrassed, that was my way of expressing how nice your rack is."

"I'm not embarrassed, just shy."

He had stopped after taking off his shirt, leaving only his boxers. I slipped my jeans off my hips and those too found their way to the floor. We were now on even playing field.

Now kneeling on the bed, he pulled me into another kiss. I allowed my hormones to overide my conscious, and I began to grind my hips into his. A collective moan came from the both of us as his erection rubbed against my swollen clit through the layers of clothing. His hand slipped down and he began to massage me through the now soaked panties I was wearing. I moaned loudly into his mouth, and that only seemed to make his fingers work faster against the wet cotton. My arms went around his neck so I could support myself. My legs shook with each stroke of his finger, and with my first orgasm I collapsed into him and allowed the waves of pleasure to take over my body to their full extent.

"Oh my gooodd." I shouted. I breathed in and out, gasping. I instantly wanted more as soon as I had come off the orgasm. I kissed Lucus with a new ferocity, my hands running up and down his bare abdomen. The hormone rush drove me mad with lust and threw all of my shyness out the door momentarily. He pushed me back down onto the bed. He hovered over me, yanking my panties down my hips and exposing my wet pussy to him. Now he was pulling his boxers off, releasing his large erection from them. That was enough to make me shy again, the blush creeping up on my cheeks more intensely now.

"Condom. . ." he looked around the bed, the expression of confusion on his face was adorable. "I set it down on the bed, where the hell did it go?"

I sat up and shifted the blankets around,

"Did we really move that much?"

"I guess so. . ." He pulled the shiny wrapper up from the blankets, "Here!"

He ripped open the condom and rolled it down his member in two quick motions. He then settled in between my legs, pressing the tip of his hard cock against my tight entrance.

"Are you ready for this?"

I nodded, forcing myself to look up into his blue eyes.

"Also. . . I'm sorry I was such a douchebag earlier. To be honest I don't know why I was acting that way, I just was."

"It's alright, I understand."

"Do you?"

"I think so."

"I'm glad."

Those were his last words before he took one of my hands into his own, and in one swift thrust he had filled me up to the hilt. I gasped; my eyes watered from the pain of him breaking through my sensitive barrier that had been my virginity. Then it was getting used to his large size stretching out my inner walls to an unbelievable extent. He pulled out from me, then pushed back in, this time the pain was lesser. His pace remained steady, and with each and every stroke things started to feel better. I had often fantasized about my first time, but this was better. My breathing was now shallow, almost in rythm with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Then a familiar feeling washed over me, but now my orgasm was more amazing than before. I felt as though I was teleported to another planet,

"Lucus! Yes!" Came my shreiks. My nails dug into his shoulders, and I was able to feel his muscles tense up with his release. With a groan he shuddered, releasing his seed into the condom. My muscles clenched around him while I rode the waves of my orgasm. then, now coming off my climax once again; I realized something was off. The look on his face indicated he felt the same way. He pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty. We both looked down, and to our horror the sight we saw was a condom, torn around his softening cock; glistening with our sexual juices. The color had drained from Lucus's face,

"Shit. . ."