FULL SUMMARY: The bills are beginning to pile up. Amelia Peters needs a job and she needs one fast before she's kicked out of her apartment. Surprisingly, help comes from an unexpected source and Amelia suddenly finds herself with a job but no the kind of job she was hoping for. Pay attention because Amelia Peters is now the 'Hired Girlfriend'...

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I couldn't help but feel a little worthless as I glanced down at the numerous red circles and crosses scattered around the newspaper. I had gone to so many job interviews, yet no one offered me a job. Overall it was just another unsuccessful day of job hunting. I continued to walk down the street, pen in mouth as I tried to think of what more I could do.

There was always McDonalds. Oh wait, I already tried them. How about—

Just then my thoughts were interrupted buy a bunch of squealing girls. They were jumping up and down whilst pointing at something with there manicured nails. I followed their gazes and instantly frowned. They were looking at a billboard. It wasn't the fact that they were staring at a billboard (whilst jumping up and down and squealing continuously) that annoyed me. It was the face that was splattered across the billboard that irked me.

Nate Anderson.

Just thinking his name was enough to land me in a foul mood. Yep, I guess you could say I despise him with burning passion. Why you ask? Well it's simple really, he's an annoying obnoxious idiot who thinks that every single one of the female population is madly in love with him (which is frustratingly kind of true).

Okay so maybe I should explain how this ongoing feud actually started.

Let's skip all the way back to year 3, where it all started. Nate had suddenly came to the conclusion that it would be crazily funny to push me into a puddle of mud (Mind you, I didn't find it funny at all) so I retaliated by pouring my carton of milk all over him (Now that's what I call funny) and the hating started from there. Unfortunately for me, my parents just happened to be friends with his parents so I had no choice but to see his irritating face every single day until the day I moved out but it seems as if fate hates me because somehow Nate managed to become a successful famous model so now I have no choice but to see his irritating face sprawled across billboard and magazines…every single day.

Oh, my poor soul.

*Waves* Hello! So this something new I decided to try out. I usually just write oneshots or very short stories but I have a feeling this story will be a lot longer than what I usually write (that's if I continue writing this…). So yeah. Oh and I know the prologue is kinda short but blah. - Sunny x
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