Standing on this winding path,

No one to hold my hand,

Glance back at what once was,

And wish to reverse time.

Moving forward step by step,

Tripping, stumbling, can't look behind,

The horizon dark and murky,

The sun always at my back.

Rain pours and burns my skin,

Leaden drops drag me down,

Falling on the winding path,

No one to turn me 'round.

Sinking further in the gloom,

Searching for the end,

The winding path is fading now,

Leaving me lost and alone.

I turn my face to the sky,

And beg to be let go,

The thunder clouds move in,

I get my answer: no.

Water pools around my feet,

Weighting each heavy step,

Trudging along, day by day,

Unable to see the way back.

Feeling strength fade from me,

I look to the horizon,

The end is not there,

And I don't know where to find it.