I woke up hearing the squeals of my children as they ran into our room telling us to get out of bed because it was Christmas morning. As they start jumping on the bed I turned toward my husband and moaned, "Why did we say they couldn't open their presents without us?"

My husband gave me the smile I had fallen in love with in college and says, "So we could see the looks of wonder on their innocent faces."

"David is far from innocent."

"Mommy!" protested our five year old son. "I heard that!"

"And what are you going to do about it little man?"

"I'm…not going to give you your Christmas kiss!"

"Awww. But then how else am I supposed to have a good Christmas without a Christmas kiss?"

He tried to be defiant but after about ten seconds he broke down. "I don't want you to have a bad Christmas Mommy!" cried David and planted a big sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"Me too Mommy, me too!" says David's twin sister Jacklyn. She scrambled over my husband to reach me where he gets a foot on the face as she planted a dainty kiss on my other cheek. I laugh and gave my babies a huge hug before I tell them to go sit in the living room with the tree so we could get up.

"And don't touch those presents yet until we're out there!"

They laugh as they leave the room and race down the stairs to the tree.

"Why do they have to get up so early?"

"It's their Circadian sleep cycles…"

"Oh don't be starting that! I was the one who taught you about biology, remember?"

"And anatomy if I remember correctly." He wrapped me in his arms and whispered in my ear, "Mind to give me a refresher course?"

I got out of bed laughing and put on my robe. "We have two very excited children in the house who are going to have meltdowns if they don't get to open their presents soon."

Getting out of bed he put on some lounge pants over his boxers. He put a long hand on my stomach and said, "Soon it'll be three."

"Oh not for a while yet, she's got some growing to do yet." I patted my baby bump and gave a smile at the thought of our growing family.

"Well I think I'm excited enough to make up for the little guy." He gave another smile before selecting a shirt from the drawer to put on.

"Guy? Uh uh. It's a girl." I crossed my arms and put on a ridiculous serious face.

"And how do you know that?"

"It's called a mother's intuition." I moved my hands to my hips to give my signature Stance.

"That's not very scientific."

"Who said I was scientific?"

"Well since you work in a scientific field…"

"I deal more with the care of a patient than actual science."

He slipped an arm around my waist with a chuckle and led me to the door. "Come on, as you said we got some anxious kids waiting for us."

When the kids glimpsed us on the stairs it was good enough for them and they dived into the presents under the tree. I sat on the couch and watched the flurry of wrapping paper as the kids screamed their delight at their new toys. My husband says I spoil them too much and should have cut back a little but I can't help it that I like to spoil my babies.

He came out of the kitchen with his cup of coffee and my mug of morning tea. "We're recycling the wrapping paper, right?"

"Yes dear. Sometimes you need to shut your pretty mouth and just enjoy the moment. Look they found those books you picked out for them."

The kids looked at their history books excitedly and turned towards my husband knowing automatically who had picked them out. "Thanks Dad!" they said in unison. They turned back to their gifts and took in the sight of the new wonders.

"Hey what about your mother who spent days getting you those nice presents?"

They jumped up and gave me hugs with a million thank yous then remembering something they raced to the tree and grabbed a hap hazard gift and placed it between us.

Ever the jokster my husband said, "You didn't steal this did you guys?"

Giggling they said no and that Grandma Potter had helped them pick it out.

We started to slowly take of the wrapping paper much to their dismay because they wanted to see our faces when we opened it. Finally we made it through the four layers of wrapping paper and found a plain brown box.

"Now whatever could be in here?" I mused out loud as I pretended to think of what it was.

"Open it Mommy and find out!" they yelled in excitement.

"Dear do you want the pleasure?" I said to my husband dragging it out.

"Oh no dear, the pleasure is all yours."

"Maybe I should finish my tea first…"


"Ok, ok I'll open it!" I laugh at their dismay and opened the lid. I shifted through the wrapping paper and found something shiny at the bottom of the box. I lifted it out and showed my husband. It was a brass ornament with our family etched on it, our family name and the year. "Oh it's just beautiful my darlings!" I exclaimed.

"That's really nice guys. Jacklyn, you want to put it on the tree?"

"Yes Daddy!" She leaped up and placed it at the foremost spot of the tree. "Now we have the prettiest tree ever!" she exclaimed.

She came over and gave me a hug as David started playing with one of his new toy trucks.

"Hey puella you want me to read you one of the books I got you?" asked my husband.

"Will you read me the one about the princesses? I want to see the pretty dresses!"

My husband chuckled at the request and said, "Sure, bring your little self over here."

As I left to go get ready for the day of family and feasting my husband gave me a wink to remind me that we still had to exchange our presents later that night.

After the many well wishes from family and friends we cleaned up the Christmas feast I had labored over and finally tucked the kids away. We sat in front of the lit fireplace on the rug and sipped some wine as we talked about memories of the past. When there was a lull in the conversation I handed him a box with red wrapping paper and a green bow.

"Merry Christmas darling!"

He opened the package and his eyebrows went up when he saw the book I had tucked into it. He took it out and flipped through the illustrations where something fell out of the pages and into his lap. He picked up the red lacy article of clothing and saw the angle I was turned toward him that gave him an excellent view up the skirt I chose to wore that day. He got a twinkle in his eye and gave a little nod in my direction.

"So we, uh, going to try some of these things tonight or what?"

"Well I guess if you can't take a hint there's no sense in doing it…" I started to move around to point myself the other way but he then plunged his hand up my skirt and stroked me with a single long finger.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and a moan escaped my lips for a second. I turned so I was sitting on my butt rather than my hip and spread my legs wider but his hand was gone. I looked at him quizzingly but he was flipping through the book.

"Oh stop looking through it and just get over here! We can look at it later."

He flashed me a smile before shaking his head and going back to the book.

"I'll just go to bed then…"

"You don't want to see my package then?"

"I do but it isn't doing me much good when you're over there looking through a book!"

He gave an exasperated sigh with a smile before he crawled on top of me making me move from holding myself up with my hands to my elbows. I got shivers down my spine because I love it when he gets assertive. He started kissing me and I eventually get pushed onto the floor from his bearing down on me. His hand made its way up my skirt again and played with my clit until it was swollen and I was feeling a little woozy. Then he plunged his finger into me and I gave a harsh moan because he knew right where to hit me with his fingertip. He added a second and third finger and I was in heaven as he slowly started to thrust them inside me. "Deeper," I moaned to him which he responded by going in as far as his fingers would go. My back arched and I could feel sweat under my button down shirt. I moved to start taking it off but he saw what I was doing and moved to do it for me. He started at the bottom and after each button would kiss his way up until it was gone. He cupped a breast and kissed the top of it as he undid the hook in the front of my bra. Squeezing one breast he took the other in his mouth and sucked on my nipple till it was hard and erect. When he moved to the other one I could feel the coolness of his saliva on my nipple which kept it hard. Speaking of hard… I could start to feel that our little friend was ready to play. I undid his pants with an expert hand and slipped him out of them. I greeted him with a little rub down before bringing him to my wet lips. I tried to push him in but he just wouldn't go. I gave him a questioning look before he looked up at me from where he was biting my nipples with his devilish smile and turned me over. Getting excited because I love that position I stuck my ass up in the air for him and felt him slip inside which got a loud moan out of me and resultant heavy breathing as he started thrusting. Knowing I don't like it when he goes fast he went slow and deep filling me up full. He then started stroking the one spot on my clit that could get me off while he was inside me and I could feel a scream building inside me. My legs started twitching and spasming in anticipation of what was coming when he stopped stroking and turned me over onto my back while still inside me. He gave me a breather moment before kissing me as he slowly made love to me. I could tell he was starting to have a hard time keeping it in so I started rubbing myself to get me up to my high. He came first and spilled into me with his warmth. A second after he pulled out I managed to cum with a sigh. He laid down next to me where we cuddled as we went back to normal.

"I love you," I said as my heart slowed down, "So much."

"I love you too, Red," he said using the nickname he had given me back in college.

He reached under the tree and placed a green package next to me. I sat up with a smile and tore into the paper. I opened the box and gave a laugh. I held up what was inside and gave him a playful look.

"You got me mittens? After what I gave you I thought I'd be getting something better than that! They're really nice mittens but still."

"Look deeper."

I moved some tissue paper and found a velvet box. Looking at him enthusiastically I opened it and found inside a beautiful antique looking key necklace made of rose gold with a single diamond.

"Oh it's beautiful!" I gasped.

"You didn't think I'd just get you mittens did you?"

I gave him a kiss and asked him to put it on as I moved my hair out of the way. I got up and admired myself in the mirror hanging above the fireplace and saw him come up behind me and felt his arms circle my waist.

"Happy Yule, babe," he whispered in my ear. "Have a nice day?"

"Merry Christmas, darling," I said back with a smile. "And yes I did. I got to spend it with you, my babies and our families. I just love this time of year. This time next year we'll have our third addition to our family and it'll just be perfect." I placed a hand on my stomach.

He placed a hand over mine with a playful smile and said, "There isn't such a thing as perfect but this as perfect as it gets."

"You're wrong. There is such a thing as perfection and this is it," U turned and gave him a kiss before whispering, "I love my babies and I love you."

"I love you too Red. I love you too."