Perhaps it was the glazed look in his eyes as he watched television that told her the night wasn't going to go as planned.

Or maybe it was the cheese powder from his Cheetos all over his lazy figure that was speaking. His average-built body was sprawled over a La-Z-Boy, and the term certainly suited him. Blonde hair spilled over his forehead, some strands covering his hazel eyes. He had a square jaw and a generous amount of handsomeness in his face.

Emily Richardson stood before him, a hip cocked to the side. She stood purposely between the blonde-haired beauty and the TV. "What do you mean you're not going?" she demanded. Her eyes took a dangerous shade of olive green.

The man in question, a certain Daniel Greene, tried to act nonchalant. "I mean, we're not going tonight." He craned his neck, trying to view the television behind Emily that was currently tuned to college football.

Something inside her snapped. "Why? We planned on this dinner for weeks!"

"I know…I just don't think this is going to work out." He was still leaning to this side, attempting to watch the game.

She took an involuntary step backwards. Daniel relaxed in his seat as he was able to view the TV better. Not work out?

She shook her head, disbelieving. "Why?" she asked. "What changed?"

A sigh escaped past Daniel's pink lips. "I don't know. You just—I don't know."

"I don't what?" she questioned, venom lacing her voice. She wanted to hear this. In one quick, swift motion, she grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned off the TV.

Daniel's eyes met hers, which were anything but sympathetic. He sighed again, his eyes adverting again. "You don't dress like you did that one night."

She felt like she had been slapped. Hard.

"That's it? Because I don't dress like you want me to?"

A pause. "Well…yeah."

A familiar pricking sensation started behind Emily's eyes. She turned quickly and made it to the safety of her bedroom before tears slid down her flawless face. She shut the door to her room before her tears made her vision too blurry.

"Em—come on, you know it's true. You don't dress as well as you did."

She glanced down at her outfit. She had resulted in wearing a black pencil skirt and a maroon turtleneck sweater, going for warm, not striking. How could Daniel say that? They had only been dating a month! It was their one month anniversary dinner!

She swallowed her tears and answered with firmness in her voice. "Don't you ever call me Em. And get the hell out of my apartment."

Shuffling was heard behind the door. "Emily, come on, you don't mean that. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it."

Emily shook her head even though he couldn't see her. "GET OUT!" she screamed.

Footsteps retreated from the door. The woman slid down the door until her bottom touched the carpeting. She wrapped her thin arms around her knees, blubbering like a baby.

Only one thought coursed through the young woman's mind as she shakily dialed her best friend's number: Why on Earth did I kick out such a good-looking man like him?

"He said what now?" Katelyn Moore asked.

Emily could only nod meekly as she took another bite of ice cream. "It's true, Kat." She told her.

"Oh no he didn't!" Katelyn gasped.

Emily watched as her friend's dark brown eyes grew in shock. Kat hadn't hesitated in coming over to Emily's apartment after receiving her call. She came prepared for a not-so-easy night; a tub of ice cream, a box of tissues, and the movie The Titanic.

"I thought he had been the one, you know?" Emily said, sniffling.

Kat nodded, sending her head of tight spiral curls bouncing. She had heard this only a thousand times. She felt for Emily, she really did. Only, she fell too hard and too fast for her previous boyfriends.

"I'm sorry, Em." She cooed. She rubbed gentle circles on Emily's back.

She tried to think of a way to cheer her up. "You ready to watch The Titanic?"

Emily's smile was small. "Please," she said. "I've been waiting forever to see Jack."

Kat laughed as she put the DVD in the player. Em would bounce back like she always did.

Emily stifled a yawn with her hand as she walked into her bedroom. Slowly, she pealed back the covers of her bed and crawled inside. Her body was screaming exhaustion, but her mind was wide awake.

She stared up at the dark ceiling of her room, thinking. Why did all the guys she dated turn out the same? They were great for the first few weeks and then after that, BAM. A heated argument, resulting in another needed night of watching romantic movies and spoonful after spoonful of ice cream. This, she thought, would eventually get her fat if she kept it up.

She sighed and turned on her side. The same thing over and over again…

She wanted something different. A relationship that actually lasted. A guy that actually cared for her.

All her exes had seemed perfect the moment she met them. Gorgeous, charming, intelligent…

And then…it fell apart, like it always did. The man would turn out to be a jerk, or inconsiderate, or just plain disrespectful. She partially blamed herself for it. She should be more wary, not just relying on the looks of the man but what was inside.

Maybe Daniel had been right, maybe she could've dressed better. A tear slid down her cheek at the thought. She could've prevented this heart break after all.


She was silently crying herself to sleep when her eyes snapped back open. She hastily sat up in bed, scooting to her headboard.

Her window had been broken by someone. Glass littered the floor, glittering in the waning moonlight. A figure rose to their full height, which wasn't much, and dusted themselves off.

"Who are you?" Emily asked, frightened. She wavered with the idea of calling the cops or trying to reach for the handgun she kept in her nightstand.

A sigh was heard from the intruder.

"Please," Emily said, her voice shaking, "Don't make me call the cops."

Suddenly, Emily's room wasn't dark anymore. Light blinded her eyes, causing her to shield them for a moment. She looked between her fingers to see a short woman standing there.

"Sorry sweet pea," the lady smiled. "Rough landing. Anyway, I'm your fairy godmother!"

The confusion and disbelief she felt was almost instantaneous. Had she heard correctly? "My what?" she asked.

Emily's eyes roamed from the woman's graying hair, down to her short heels. Sparkling between her neck and shoulders though, were the tips of wings. In her hand, she held a wand, the tip of it in the shape of the star and the obvious source of the light.

"Why your fairy godmother, of course!" the lady proclaimed proudly. "I'm sorry about the entrance. I never do get those right. But I'm the real deal!" she straightened her dress.

The young woman blinked. This isn't happening, she thought to herself. This only happened in fairytales, and right now, her life was pointing to anything but a happy ending.

The elder woman saw the incredulity etched into Emily's features. She quickly tried to explain herself. "I heard that you wanted a relationship that actually lasted, including a man that cares for you, if I recall correctly."

Her jaw opened. How did she know that? "You're making this up, please just get ou—"

"Not so fast." Interrupted the fairy godmother. "I know this is the case. And here I am, to make your wish come true. But this happiness of yours can all be made by you."

"Am I being tricked?" Realization dawned on Emily. "Did Daniel set you up for this?"

The short woman rolled her eyes and sighed, seeing as how difficult Emily was being. "No, he did not set me up. I am here to give you a challenge."

Emily tilted her head to the side, listening.

"If you can find the man who will give you eternal happiness within the next two weeks, then he is yours. However, if you do not, you shall forever remain alone."

She decided to play along. "Okay, fairy godmother, why are you doing this to me?"

The older woman's blue eyes locked with Emily's green ones. "You need to learn not to judge a book by its cover. There are men out there who are just as handsome, but actually have a heart."

She knew there was wisdom in this woman's words. She wasn't ready to agree to it just yet, though. "And the rules?"

"You cannot ask me what he looks like, his favorite hobbies or anything else. You must figure that out on your own."

Emily sunk deeper into her pillows. This was going to be harder than she thought. She didn't want to be alone though. And something about this woman made her think she was telling the truth.

"I'll…do it."

"Splendid," grinned the fairy godmother. "If you shall need anything, I'm only a tear drop away."

The fairy godmother turned to leave.

"Wait!" cried out Emily. "You're just going to leave me like this? Where should I start looking? How will I know when I've met him?"

The older woman's grin was priceless. "Don't start at the library, darling, looking for all the 'nerds'. That's too cliché. Try somewhere original. Oh, and you'll know when you've found him."

Emily nodded, suddenly nervous. "Alright, thank you."

"Remember, two weeks."

"I know." She whispered.