The first time we met, you accidentally poured your cup of chocolate milk all over my white shirt.

You looked so frantic at that time trying to apologize; I couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

"S'okay. It's almost dismissal time anyway." I remember saying.

You let out an embarrassed laugh, apologized one more time and smiled at me before leaving.

I kind of liked you then, even though you permanently messed up my favorite shirt.


The second time I saw you; you were playing the guitar and singing along with some of your friends.

I never really pegged you as the singing type, then again I never really thought of you after the chocolate shirt thing, but you were good. Really good.

You could say I started liking you a little bit more at that time.


I asked about you from a friend later that day.

It wasn't hard describing you to him because after I had mentioned your blue guitar, he immediately said your name.

I found out that he was a friend of yours, and that you just transferred here from another school and you were a sophomore.

I guess that explained why I didn't see you last year.


The third time I saw you, you were at the library.

You seemed to be looking for something and looked very worried. I didn't know what came over me to ask you what was wrong; I'm normally a shy guy even though a lot may disagree.

"I lost my wallet here… I think." You answered back uncertainly.

I was about to offer my help when a guy came in smiling and told you he found it.

I felt a little bit annoyed as you hugged him and left me there.


The day after the wallet incident, I asked about the guy from some of the guys in the basketball team.

They told me he was gay, I was relieved to know that he wasn't your boyfriend.


Remember the punishment thing they gave us at school whenever we're late?

I didn't expect to find you at the library alone finishing a three page essay about the history of our school with the rest of the usual late comers like myself. I decided to take a chance and sit next to you.

"Why do they make us write these things? It's not like they'll ever gonna read it anyway." I said.

You looked at me with an amused expression and laughed quietly.

I honestly didn't know what I said that amused you, but I'm damn sure by then that I really liked you.


I was talking to my friend at that time when you came up to him and said "Can you give me a ride home? Mom can't pick me up today."

You could say I felt a bit peeved that time. How come you're asking some other guy you don't even talk to that much to give you a ride home when you could ask me instead? We were friends by then anyway.

I came home upset that day.


I went to my friend's party the next day, you know, the one you asked for a ride?

I was a bit surprised to see you there sitting in front of the TV having a competition with one of my friends. You were playing WrestleMania and from the looks of it, you were kicking his ass pretty badly.

You smiled at me when you saw me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"I didn't know you and Chad were so close." I told you, trying to sound nonchalant.

You smiled your signature smile at me and replied "Well, we are neighbors after all. We practically grew up together; he's like my annoying brother who I don't talk to that much."

You can't imagine the relief I felt after you said that.


You were the one to sing the national anthem in front of the whole school that day.

I watched as you walked up on stage and fixed the microphone so it would level your face.

I heard some of the guys from my class say something about how hot you were and a lot of other inappropriate things. To tell you the truth, if I didn't know you that much at that time, I might've joined them. They were in a way right after all.

But what I felt then was anger.

I wanted to beat the crap out of them then and there. Good thing one of my friends saw my expression and ordered them to stop.

They did.

But that wasn't the thing that cooled me off; it was hearing your voice surrounding the whole auditorium.


I didn't really realized how popular you were with guys until I heard some of the girls at my class talking about the girl some popular senior guy was going to ask out for prom.

That was why I looked so agitated during lunch. I was trying to find out if you said yes to him without looking too concerned. Again, you saw through that.

"I can never pull off wearing a dress." You explained.

I smiled widely at that.

Though, I beg to differ with the dress thing.


Do you remember the time you called me around 2 in the morning?

I knew then that something was different with me the moment I heard your voice on the other line.

Normally, I would've yelled-fuck off- to anyone who called at such an ungodly hour and slammed the phone down.

But the moment I heard you speak, all the drowsiness I was feeling from the interruption of sleep faded away. You sounded upset at that time, I tried asking you what was going on but you answered me with questions that were so random, I was starting to think you were on something.

The next day, you came to school smiling.

You apologized for waking me up in the middle of the night and thanked me for listening.

I failed my chemistry test that day because I fell asleep.

But seeing you smile, I knew it was worth it.


Near the end of the school year, I asked you out on a date.

I wouldn't have gotten the courage to ask if my friends hadn't pushed me so hard.

Normally, I don't really ask girls out on dates, they ask me. And when the rare occasion comes that I do ask someone out, I was never so fucking nervous that I couldn't form a sensible sentence.

I remember you trying so hard not to laugh at me with my 'ums.' And 'uh..'

"Hey, have you seen the movie shutter island yet? Wanna watch it with me?" You asked.

"Uhh… yeah. Sure." That was my response.

"Great! Pick me up at seven okay?"

I watched you walk out of the room. I couldn't believe that we were finally going out on a date!

Technically speaking, it wasn't me who asked you out. But I initiated the asking thing, that has to count for something right?


We went to the amusement park with a couple of friends that summer.

We practically begged everybody to go inside the House of the Dead that time. Some of the girls were more than reluctant to go and some of my guy friends don't seem to want to join us either.

But you managed to convince them anyway.

I didn't want to tell you this, but I really thought that haunted house was scary as shit.

That was why I was holding your hand the whole time. Forget the crap I said about trying to comfort you, that was my first intention, but after a few minutes inside the hand holding thing turned out to be the other way around.

Hell, I don't even think you need someone to comfort you at that time, you were laughing so hard by the time we came out you were almost close to tears.


It was our school versus the Riverview High School for a basketball match.

I never really liked that school, more so when I saw one of their guys hitting on you before the game began.

I guess you can say that was the motivation I needed to make me play so damn good on the hard court.

And I had to admit the fact that you were screaming my name at the top of your lungs when I shot that winning ball in the basket did a whole lot of wonders for my ego.


I was never really the guy for a serious relationship, you know. Falling in love was for those idiots who take everything too seriously.

The time we went out for dinner in one of your favorite restaurant, I could literally feel the blood drain out of my face when I realized that I left my wallet at home.

I expected you to get angry at me, or even roll your eyes. That was how normal girls would react when their dates say that they forgot to bring their wallet.

You laughed at me at that time and when you told me that it's okay and that we could split the bill, I knew I was in love.

Being one of those idiots isn't so bad after all.


I found out later from one of your friends that I was your first boyfriend.

Honestly speaking, that made me happy and at the same time scared the shit out of me.

You were never really the one to talk about relationship. The last time I asked you about it, you kind of freaked out. Plus I kind of decided that it was impossible that I was your first boyfriend way back, I mean one look at you and anybody would think that's kind of hard to believe.

That's when I realized you were never really the girl for serious relationship either.

Well, that's just great. More challenge for me to say 'I love you.'


Graduation had come and at the dinner party, you were my date.

Seeing you in that blue dress made me think about how beautiful you really are. You weren't like those other girls who came in with heavily made up face and lethal hair, you barely had any make-up on and you hair fell softly down your face.

We danced throughout the whole night and when the final slow dance came, worries started popping up in my head. I was going to leave for college in a few months, you were going to finish one more year in high school. The drive from here to the university takes more than 4 hours, and I couldn't see you as much as I want.

I told you all of this and how long distance relationship never worked out in a whisper, and you lift your head up and smiled at me.

"Hey, since when were you the one to conform? I thought you were the guy who loved taking chances?" You said.

I smiled back at that one. You were right; taking chances was what I did best. So when I took a chance and told you 'I love you.' I never felt so sure about the chance I'm taking at that exact moment.

And when you told me you love me back, I knew I couldn't be happier.

Author's Note: This is one of the best love story thing I have ever done! In my opinion anyway.

Inspired by my "twin.", the second truffle and 25 steps to the altar (you should read this.). and yes, the first two are real people and no, I won't tell you who they are.

Also, I apologize for not updating the other two stories I'm writing. I'm in a writing rot; I hope I can get over it soon.


Also, I had this awesome dream. It's kind of like The Secret Circle, The House of Anubis and Pretty Little Liars put together. It was pretty epic!