Translation at the bottom if you're curious

David opened his fridge and pulled out two beers. How did he know that's exactly what the situation needed? I decided against the pants and went to join him in the kitchen. He handed me a beer and clinked his bottle against mine before taking a sip. As if on cue the doorbell rang and he went to go answer it.

"Thank you, Jimmy," David said as he handed him the money. "Keep the change, of course. And say hello to everyone for me." Jimmy smiled at David like he was in love. Was that a pang of jealousy I just felt? David waved goodbye and then started pulling boxes out of the bag Jimmy had just delivered. "Normally I have everyone eat at the table, but tonight I think we can make an exception. You think so?"

"Only if it's okay with you, I don't want to break any of your rules." I padded over to see what he had ordered. Nothing looked scary, as requested.

"It is fine. Tonight I don't think there are any rules." David took another sip of beer and went to go get silverware. "Okay, this is Pad Thai, they are apparently famous for it, but I was completely unaware. And this is a curry thing with lots of vegetables. I don't know the name. And curry soup. It's not spicy. You can go first, unless you want your own plate."

"No, no. I'm game." I took a fork from him and took some Pad Thai. We got thorough about half the meal before I was imagining him naked all over again. That's a lie, I had kind of been imagining him naked since I saw him half-shirtless. How pathetic am I? The super bonus on top of everything else is that his chest is completely hairless. It's baby smooth and wonderful. I think he could see the desperation in my eyes because he put his fork down and rubbed my back. I took one last sip of beer and swung my legs over his lap.

"That was really very good," I said, running a hand down his chest.

"Yes, they're very good at what they do. And they're just up the street." He put his other hand on my knee and patted it.

"That's very convenient," I put a hand around his neck and waited, my fingertips beginning to run through his hair.

He smiled and looked down at me then ran his hand up my leg a few inches. The breath caught in my chest and I looked down to see what he was doing. He stopped me, lifting my chin so my eyes met his and then put his hand back on my thigh. Again I shuddered, but his smile didn't let on that anything was happening. He kept one hand on my back and I kept my hands on his chest and softly playing with his hair. His hand snaked slowly up under the shirt and found the lacy waistband to my thong. Again my breath hitched and my eyes started to slide shut. He ran a finger across my stomach, under the waistband teasingly.

"David" I breathed. This was getting ridiculous. I nuzzled my nose into his chest.

"Hm?" He asked, as though he was genuinely interested in what I was going to say.

I let out a little cry as he moved his hand up just a little farther. I couldn't take it. I'm not one who takes to teasing well, so I re-adjusted myself so I was straddling him instead. This was sure to put me in control. I covered his mouth with mine and rolled my hips into him. As he let out a moan (or was it more like a growl) I took my opportunity to add tongue. I had gotten myself into a good rhythm, grinding him into his own couch and he slid his hands down to my butt to drive me deeper into his lap. I ran my hands down his arms and then back up into his hair before kissing his neck.

He took this opportunity to pick me up and take me back to his bedroom. He deposited me on the bed and moved my dress and his pajama pants to the back of a chair in the corner of the room. I suddenly felt naked. All that contact taken away so quickly. He came back to the bed and walked up until his shins hit the edge of the mattress and I suddenly felt the urge to reach up and feel his penis through the pajamas. So I did. He looked down at me as though I was a child who had just done something adorable and I blushed immediately. He pushed me back onto the bed and laid down next to me, his hand back on my thigh, this time pushing the shirt up as he kissed me.

I took this opportunity to push his shirt up and this time he didn't protest, letting me pull the shirt over his head and run my hand once again down his chest. I kissed the bare skin, but he didn't let me have my moment for long because he was now fully concerned with pulling off my shirt. I obliged, trying not to feel self –conscious about the amount of skin showing. He took my mind off my own iffy self-esteem by crashing his lips into mine. Once again he ran a hand over the tattoo on my ribs, but didn't ask. He traced the image and then moved upward to finally cop a feel. I smiled and started pulling his pants down.

"You're not enjoying the moment," His eyes met mine, but I continued to pull at the elastic waistband.

"Just keep doing what you're doing but with your pants off. Okay?" I lifted myself up to kiss him firmly while giving his pants one final tug. He kicked them off and I ran a hand across his hipbone, trying to decide if I wanted to put that in my mouth or just let him do all the work. While I was making my decision, he had started to pull at my bra. I sat up a little to kiss him again as I unhooked my bra. "The first one's free, next time you're on your own."

He kissed me into silence before moving down to suck and lick at one of my breasts. I arched my back into him, moaned and grabbed a handful of that thick black hair in my hand. Maybe I should give him that blowjob after all.

He was inching the waistband of my underwear down and it took all my willpower to stop him and roll him over so I could take him into my mouth. His eyes went wide and I smiled, licking and sucking, trying to remember all the tips Cosmo had tried to drill into my mind. Unfortunately I have a problem with my mind going completely blank at times like this. His pubic hair tickled my nose, but it smelled exactly like the rest of him, tinted with the smell of sex. His eyes slid shut and his hand reached through my hair as I swallowed and he shuddered involuntarily. I climbed back up onto the bed the tartness filling my mouth.

"You didn't have to…" He smoothed my hair back down.

"I know." I ran a hand down his side and he kissed me. I could already feel his erection coming back. "David?" I said when he broke the kiss.

"Yeah," He was back to massaging my breast and completely unconcerned with conversation.

"This is what you want, right?" How do I come up with these issues? There is no one in the world who can think of conversations this dumb. Especially to be having when all you're wearing is a lacy thong and all he's wearing is nothing. If he didn't want it I might not have the willpower to get up and leave. I would probably just have to say 'too bad, finish anyway.'

"Yes, baby," He said before taking my other breast into his mouth. That's probably the best bet for shutting a girl up. Even me. Except for breathy moans, that is. He pulled my underwear down and this time I kicked it off gratefully. Why can't men like boyshorts? They're so much more comfortable. And they are just as practical. I didn't finish my train of thought because David was busy pushing not one but two fingers inside me. I shuddered and moaned, rocking into him with my hips. "top drawer on the far side." He said, his hot breath against my nipple.

"Huh?" safe sex was the farthest thing from my mind at this point.

David rolled on top of me and slid up to his bedside table reaching in and pulling out a condom. He kissed me again as he opened it and I let my fingers slide down his erection then took the condom out of his hand and put it on for him. I stayed there for an extra moment or two before he kissed me roughly and pushed me back down onto the bed.

"You're okay?" He asked, his nose in the crook of my neck.

"Couldn't have gotten me any wetter than this." I really need to work on what to say at moments like this.

He laughed and kissed my collarbone lightly before spreading my legs apart and sliding himself carefully in. He held my hips with both his hands and my eyes slid shut. He was cautious for a few moments before I pulled him down to me by his neck "David." I paused, making sure his eyes were locked on mine, "Please fuck me. I promise I won't break." His blue eyes went dark for just a moment before his grip on my hip tightened and he thrusted harder. Thank god for the power of suggestion.

"Tell me about the tattoo." David's hand ran over my ribcage for about the millionth time. He was lying next to me in bed and I felt like I should have a cigarette or some clothes. Since I had never smoked a cigarette in my life, I felt clothes were the more responsible option, but I couldn't bring myself to move.

"It's from my second trip to France." I looked over to see if that was enough information. It obviously wasn't. Maybe I should pretend I do smoke and step outside for a moment. "I had just gotten published and one of my friends convinced me nothing would be sexier than a tattoo from France." Again I stopped and again his blue eyes met mine, waiting for more. "It's the only sculpture Degas ever put on exhibit. Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans."

"But it is her back. His sculpture was all of her, no?"

"Oui, but I particularly liked her big satin bow." I ran my fingers over the bow, as if showing him it was there. "You don't have any tattoos."

"No. No tattoos and no piercings." David kissed the petite danseuse as if it was a way of him accepting it. I smiled and ran a hand through his hair and then rolled out of bed. "Where are you going?"

"There's still Thai food on the coffee table." This was true, but there was also a little too much emotional bonding going on. I picked up and closed the containers and put them all in the fridge and then picked up the two beer bottles and left them next to the sink, debating on whether to drink one or leave it.

David came up behind me and kissed my shoulder, wrapping his huge arms around my waist. "Thank you, my dear. I'm sorry to pry. I didn't mean to upset you."

"You didn't. I'm sorry to be so weird. Again." I turned to face him and stood on tip-toe to kiss him. If the lack of pillow talk skills didn't scare him away, nothing would.

"I hope this does not mean you're going to leave me tonight."

I looked up at him and bit my lower lip. "No, I'll stay if that's what you want."

"You know it is," He led me back into his room after turning off the kitchen light and dumping out the beer bottles.

There's a moment every time I sleep over somewhere when I have no idea where I am. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away? The redeeming factor is, of course, waking up with a naked man under you. I looked up slowly to make sure he really was asleep and then I slowly moved away from his side and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.

"Where are you going?" His sleepy voice sounded almost childish and I looked around to meet his wonderful clear eyes.

"I do have class today. Not everyone gets Fridays off." I smiled. Damn. I had planned to at least get to the bathroom and flatten my hair a little, wipe the make-up out from under my eyes. This is not how the first morning is supposed to look.

"You could take Friday off." He smiled, putting a hand behind his head to prop himself up a little.

"Have you ever taken a Friday off?" I knew the answer was no. As long as I'd known him, he'd been to all of his required practices and even practiced with the second and third lines regularly.

"Today I am taking off."

"Because last night you were almost broken." I leaned down to kiss him and he ran a hand down my side. "Okay, let me get dressed. You're going to rest today, watch lots of crappy television." I kissed him again before getting out of bed for real this time. "You want me to leave the panties as a trophy?" I hooked my bra back on.

David laughed and moved himself to the edge of the bed. "Come here."

"Babe," there was that word again, "I have to go. For real." But I walked over to the bed anyway as I zipped up my dress.

He held my hips and put his head against my stomach, staying there for a moment before looking up at me. "Alexis, I don't want this to change anything. Okay? You can do that?"

I crouched down a little so I was at his eye level and ran a hand through his hair, "You know this changes everything. It'll be fine." I leaned forward and kissed him quickly before putting my heels back on. He got out of bed and picked his pajama pants up from the floor, sliding them on and following me out to his living room. "Not that it's bad. Can we not talk about that right now? It was a good night. This is a good morning. You look wonderful naked. Please rest." My coat and scarf were back on and I checked my pockets for keys and picked up my purse. Then I leaned forward for one last good-bye kiss and David wrapped his arms around me, and kissed me until I was desperate for air.

Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans – Little Dancer of Fourteen Years (It's a ballerina girl with a big satin bow and tutu, reminiscent of Degas's paintings but done once his eyesight started to fade and he couldn't paint)

Oui – Yes