To my readers,

Sorry for my long, long, very long and unexplained absence but I have returned to give you a bit of news I think you should know.

Okay, here is the dealio of what is going to happen to Eight Brothers and Me;

I'm not going to finish it.


Instead I am going to do a fully fledged REVAMPED version of EBAM.

Oh yeah. It's happening.

I understand that I can't just spring this onto you who have remained so loyal, so I shall explain myself and why it has taken me so damn long to open a word document and write the next damn chapter of this story.

The thing is, I'm really struggling with ways to keep it going. I mean, from this point that we are at, Ty and Alec are already going out and from here on out it would just be dates and relationship fluff. I don't want that, and I'm pretty sure some of you don't either. I feel like it was too soon for Them to happen and, I have to say, it sucks how their 'relationship' came around anyway. (Yeah, I complaining about my own writing.) The story which was supposed to evolve around Ty and her brothers, alongside a romance, is not what has really been happening in this, and so I shall not be finishing Eight Brothers and me.

However, I shall be rewriting it.

I know not many of you fabulous people will be happy with this choice of mine, so don't hate me, but really this needs to be done. I began writing this story all the way back in 2011 and since then, my writing and myself has changed. A lot. And I would really like my revamped version to show that. Hopefully. It's just that the characters in my mind have died or have sat in a corner, been covered in cobwebs and are no longer helping me continue. Instead the characters have been into people that I want to write about. The story shall remain the same; you know the romance with Alec, Ty's relationships with her brothers, some of their personalities' etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But there will be some changes happening, of which I'm not going to put up here because some of you might not want to know. If you would like to know what is changing then just PM me with your questions and I shall give you answers. Just to clarify though that this is not the end of Ty or Phillip or even little Bailey, they're all just being transferred to a different plot line. I am not getting rid of any of the original brothers, but I may say goodbye to some other characters.

Surprises all around, people, and just in time for Christmas! I have also set a deadline for the end of this rewrite, God help me, and I hope to the highest heavens that I achieve this goal.

I am already in the middle of the rewrite for chapter one and I'm feeling like it's going well. So far. But don't worry, I shall keep the entire original story up so people who like to reread old stuff can (I know I do and I hate it when writer's delete them and put up polished and entirely different chapters), so I'm not going to do that.

I am really sorry to those who have enjoyed this story and may to keep it going but alas, sometimes change is good. And I'm reaaaly hoping this is a good one.

Anyway, I am going to go continue this thing, already got my music blaring, and, hopefully, I'll have the new and improved chapter (possibly under a different name) up in time for the New Year.

Thank you to you, my wonderful readers, who have stuck with me for three years, impatiently waiting for me to add new chapters and being sorely disappointed because I am just a lazy idiot. You are the greatest and I hope that you'll continue with the new version.

Merry Christmas! : )