(What you would find on the back of a book.)

Dr. Johnson sat down at his desk, looking through his paperwork, checking the list of test subjects for the new medicine. Why are they all teenagers? He thought quietly to himself. They wouldn't be able to sell the product without first testing it on adults. Dr. Johnson grabs the paperwork and heads out of the office. No one really knew the side effects of the medicine.

Fredrick sat in his room coughing, ever since he took the test medicine he was feeling sick. Not sick as in throw up sick, but a strange kind of sick.

Jay felt confident. He grabbed his books for school, throwing them around his room.

Scarlett loved swimming now. After she took the medicine she felt alive in the water.

Valkyre smirked at the girl she just made cry. She loved causing pain to others, especially emotional. Valkyre just wanted to laugh in her face.

These kids and more are mutated with strange powers. Who will use they're powers for good and who will use theirs for evil?

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