Chapter 1: Waking Dream

Fredrick woke with a start in the morning, having yet another nightmare. Every time it was the same dream. He is forced with a decision that could either save the world or end it. And every time someone he loves dies. He doesn't know why he loves her but for some reason he does. He sits up and looks around his room, still messy from when he looked for his phone and charger. He looked at his alarm clock and saw it read 2:13 AM. He laid back down when his phone went off. Fredrick looked at the phone and saw it was his friend Jay. He thought over in his head whether or not to ignore his call. He pressed the red button got up. Fredrick got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a plain blue shirt. He slid on his Black DCs and went downstairs. His phone vibrated as he went, he ignored it and grab two toaster pastries from the box in the freezer, and put them in the toaster.

Fredrick sat down and ate the two toaster pastries, going over the dream in his head. Why couldn't I make the choice, He thought, Why is it, when the girl dies, I feel as though I lost everything, who is that girl? His thoughts were interrupted as a rock went through the kitchen window. He jumped, then he noticed Jay staring at him through the hole. Jay has short black hair, wearing a black Green Day band shirt, black jeans, black Vans, and is carrying a black and red messenger bag. "Why are you ignoring my calls?" asks Jay, complete calm. Fredrick replies, "What the hell are you doing throwing rocks through my windows? Shouldn't you be saving those rocks for the principle's window?"

"Ah there is plenty," says Jay. "Besides, that's the only way I could think of to get your attention."

"You could of rang the doorbell!"

"But that is less fun! Besides this is urgent, I got to show you something completely awesome!" Jay finishes this sentences with a smirk, adding emphasis to the word awesome.

"Couldn't wait till after school?"

:"No! If my dad catches me bringing this I wouldn't be aloud out after school!"

"Fine show me." Fredrick says in a annoyed voice, clearly ticked off with his arrival, "and you paying for that window."

"With what money?"

"The money you get from that job at the coffee shop, you douche."

Jay just rolls his eyes and goes into his bag, throwing firecrackers and M80s onto the kitchen table. He puts his lighter down on the table, then exclaims, "Ah ha!" as he pulls out a knife, with a dragon etched into the handle, and wolf carved into the sides of the stainless steel blade. "Isn't this cool?"

Fredrick just stared blankly at the blade, "It's just a knife dude, even if it is designed."

Jay just kept staring at the blade, as if fantasying about stabbing the principle.

"I don't like how your staring at that blade, I think you should put it down.""So you can steal it? No way, its mine, I bought it!"

"Just put that thing away please, I got up to do my essay for English class, I don't need you swinging that thing around all willy nilly."

Jay just looks at him then puts everything back in his bag. "Kill joy…"

Fredrick just shakes his head and goes into the other room, heading towards the computer. He turns on the computer, the sounds of the toaster going off repeatedly in the kitchen.

Fredrick sighed, finally completed his essay, he starts printing it out when he hears from the kitchen, "What, no more?" Fredrick just shakes his head, knowing what just happened, since it happens every week he has toaster pastries. He needs to learn how to lock his freezer or hide them. He picks up his essay and puts it in his English folder, and slides his English folder into his backpack. He checks the time to see its 6:00 AM on the mark. Fredrick just sighs and looks into the kitchen. "Going to school today Jay?"Jay stays silent for a moment, then says "When don't I ever not go to school?"

"Ha ha, very funny, now are you?"

"I told you, I go to school every day, I'm just invisible." Jay says sarcastically.

"ARE YOU GOING OR NOT?" Fredrick yells, his anger rising.

"No need to scream Fred, I'm going today only to not turn in that essay, and cause of the free pizzas" Jay says. He then stands up and walks into the living room, a big grin on his face.

"What did you do?" Asks Fredrick."Your mom has a surprise in the freezer." He says with a serious face."Let's just go." Fredrick say, dragging Jay out of the house before he could raid his kitchen again.

Fredrick and Jay stand at the bus stop, Jay glancing at every girls butt that walks by, commenting on everyone that he likes. One girl who goes to their school walks up to the bus stop, groaning in dismay that the two are there.

"Shut it Scarlett" Jay says, "Just because you hate Fredrick doesn't mean you have to show it openly." Fredrick just shakes his head and goes to text messaging some of his other friends.

"You know Jay, I don't think I have a problem with Fredrick." Scarlett says, as Jay leans over and reads Fredrick's text messages.

"Oh really Miss Captain of the Swim Team?" Jay says, barely paying attention to her, until Fredrick shuts his phone and pushes him away.

"Yea, I think…" Her voice trails off as another girl walks over to the bus stop, the two girls quickly start gossiping, Jay trying to listen in but they are talking to fast for him to understand. Jay quickly moves away, and looks at Fredrick, "Women, huh?"

Fredrick just shakes his head, lost in his thoughts. Don't get me involved this time Jay.

Jay just smiles and pulls out his phone, scanning his contacts a few times before picking a victim to barrage with text messages for no reason.

The bus pulls up, Jay gets on then Scarlett, then Fredrick and the other girl.

Scarlett sits down in an open seat, and Jay sits right next to her. Fredrick sits down in the back of the bus, the other girl, named Valkyre, sits next to him.

Scarlett looks out the window, annoyed by Jay, Jay just stares at her. Scarlett's hair is dirty blonde, wearing a blue blouse, blue skirt and a pair of high heels. She has pale skin. As if she never tanned.

Fredrick stares at the floor, Valkyre smirking.

"So your Fredrick?" Valkyre asks.

"Yes, what's it to you?" Fredrick asks back.

"I heard your dad died in a car accident."

Fredrick winces, bringing back bad memories.

"I heard he was drinking while driving, that means he was a dirty drunk, am I correct?"

Fredrick tries ignoring her, moving his mind to the dream he had.

Valkyre continues smiling, "Did he beat your mom or was all his anger bent towards you?"Fredrick snaps, his voice shaking from the anger, "Listen you sadist bitch, stop talking shit about my family, you do not know anything about them, so just shut the fuck up!" He gets up and gets off the bus, leaving Jay and Scarlett wondering what happened, and Valkyre smirking in the back of the bus.

Fredrick arrives to school late, having to walk the rest of the way, he looks around the office where he sits, clenching his fists. He missed the first three periods of the day, making him miss English and was unable to hand in the essay. He felt something pull on his stomach, he leaned over, holding his gut. The receptionist just sat there, not willing to help him. Fredrick puked all over the floor and was brought to the nurses office, his parent called to pick him up.

Jay sat in English class alone, hearing a lecture on Julius Caesar and William Shakespeare. Who gives a rat's ass? Where is Fredrick? He is never late to school. The teacher turned and said. "Jay, why was Caesar killed?" Jay only blinked his eyes and the entire class laughed at him, then all of the sudden, he puked all over his text book, he was sent to the nurse's office immediately.

Scarlett was in swim, doing try-outs for the open spots on the team. She felt a little sick in sixth period but she didn't care, she couldn't reschedule the try-outs. Scarlett was on the seconded last person when it happened, she threw up into the pool, right onto someone's head. She went to the nurse's office, her mom called and she was picked up, like the others before her.

Valkyre was home, taunting her sister. She felt proud of herself for making the Fredrick kid miss school, she heard a rumor of him puking in the main office, but she didn't believe them, she knew, or at least thought she knew, he chickened out. She felt something jerk in the stomach and knew what was coming next. She threw up all over her sister, and even when her mom drove her to the doctors, she was smiling the entire way.