Just like life, a dream can take a person to places one cannot possibly imagine, even if it is large scale. He knew the difference between fantasy and reality but after seeing what happened in the past year, thoughts and feelings he never knew flooded his subconscious and it questioned reality, in general. Events and actions had changed him. They were things that were both terrible and beautiful. Hence, anything was possible at this place and at this time.

A bright night was shown and the moon came into the view followed by dozens of stars standing still. Trees and fields lined up as rows in a secluded area. A figure came out running. John tried to run as fast as he could. His thin legs now propelled him to move forward. So gracefully, he ran down a dark meadow. He was running faster than he ever did because his newfound thin body allowed him to. But he was glad now for at the moment, he was running away from someone. A stalker was beyond what this being was. John had to get away from this person as far away as possible.

Coming out of a dark and woodened forest, John came to a clearing where he took the chance to stop and look back toward the woods. No one was following him now. Confused, he looked from side to side to find his chaser. He sighed in relief and turned around again. Only this time the person chasing him was right in front of him. He gave out a loud gasp. The figure in front of him was an alien humanoid woman. Breathtakingly beautiful, her naked, tattooed, purple body gave off a bright purple light like a magnificent aura. The tattoos were dark and long and stretched to almost everywhere on her body except her face. If she wasn't so exotic, she would have looked eerie and more threatening than she should. John knew she was dangerous. He finally realized what the thing had in store for him.

"John Thomson." The woman smirked.

Stunned for what seemed like a lifetime, he finally gained reasoning again and told the woman to leave him alone with a heavy stammer. "G-GGet away from me."

He tried to punch her as a reflex but she blocked it by turning her head and with amazing speed, she gave a small jump and with a maneuver that seemed like a cartwheel, she gave John a double kick to his face. He fell back against the ground. He was dazed but tried to get back up. The woman then approached him slowly. She looked down at him with a dreamy expression, shook her head and gave out a sigh.

"You look so irresistible when you're helpless." she said softly.

John did not want to give into what the woman had in mind and instead asked "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I want you. I'm the one who will have you." she said, her eyes filled with promise.

John tried to get up to run again but the woman gave a quiet 'Hi-yah' but he couldn't see what she did that made him go down on the ground again.

The slender figure moved even more gracefully and immediately she was on top of John and eventually pinned him using incredible strength. The purple glowing woman was on top of him giving him an amused expression. She seemed to be enjoying the sport.

"It is pointless to resist me." she said face to face.

John tried to get her off but he couldn't due to the force applied to his wrists. "Let go of me!"

"I can't. You belong to me." She whispered and used her full lips to plant him a kiss. John tried to get her off but found it impossible and kissed her back. She was incredibly beautiful and addicting. He put his arms around her as he laid on the ground. However, he felt something in his body turning and so he stopped the kiss in horror. The strange alien woman looked down at him and said:

"You're mine, you'll always be mine and you will continue to be fat just like I want you to be. You will continue to be fat." The woman said and got off his now expanding gut.

"NOOOOOO!" his body grew and grew until….

John opened his eyes. Drenched in sweat, he shook the covers off him and looked around quickly. The room was empty save for the bed he was laying on, a few half-opened drawers, lamps, a table with a computer on it, and a mirror on the front wall. He sat on the right side of the bed. Ever since, he had broken up with Nina, John was getting weird dreams.

For over a month, he kept having the same dream and it was always the strange, purple glowing woman and in the dream he was also incredibly thin as he was before he got abducted years ago. Who was she? John had never seen such a strange woman before. At first, John thought she was incredibly gorgeous. Her sex appeal was one of the reasons he liked her at first. But the dreams took a bad turn.

John originally wanted to be a fat person so that he could prove to everyone, the women from almost every galaxy including Earth, that he was capable of being a warrior in a fierce intergalactic battle that took place about a year ago. He succeeded tremendously and every being on the galaxy and on Earth admired him. The Domintradox, a group of powerful synthetic humanoid women who wanted to conquer men and humiliate the women, were finally destroyed. John who was a little soft in the middle played a great part in the war.

But because of health and other personal reasons, John decided to lose some weight. Nina and John argued. John was confused as to why she would want him to stay as he was. Nina said however that he was the one who wanted to get fat in the first place. John said he proved enough but Nina said that his girth was the only thing making him a symbol for good throughout the universe. He was appalled hearing that his weight made him a legend. Nina told him losing the weight could mean an insult. But so he did. He was exhausted, bulky and he needed to be in a healthy body.

Working out was something he tried hard at but he managed. In the end he managed to lose over a hundred pounds in five months. He was not as fat as he used to be but he was heading toward being thin. Exercising was when he started to have the dreams. A strange humanoid woman appeared in his sleep. Curvaceous and gorgeous, John could not stop thinking about her. At first it seemed like one of those erotic sexual dreams. But the dreams had him gaining weight again, so much he was immobile and so much that he exploded. The woman wanted to him to be fat again. John did not want that to happen again.

His stomach grumbled again. Placing a hand on it, John thought his stomach had something inside, like it was moving but he assumed he still had excess fat. Groaning, John went to the bathroom and went on the scale set on the floor. He stood on top of it and saw the little screen with its numbers appearing randomly. He waited. John was absolutely worried. The number soon appeared.


Panic flooded his system and thus, he felt utter despair. "I gained ten pounds? How?" Thinking somehow that it was the woman in the dream who did it, it was crazy to even assume that. 'Dreams cannot affect you physically, they affect you mentally!' John took several breaths in and out.

Reassuring himself that it was not possible to gain several pounds without eating, John tried to calm himself down. "Scale's probably busted."

As he inspected his stomach and body, he could feel his eyes getting droopy. John thought it must be time to go back to sleep and think about this in the morning. Going back to bed, he tried hard not to sleep but failed. His eyes fell heavy and darkness took him. John's face frowned as he slept and his belly slightly grew a few inches. It stopped and John turned over to the side. The bed then lowered itself due to his weight.