When you're high….

When you are high the world seems limitless

You feel invincible

You feel indestructible

You feel like you can jump off a building

And survive

When you are high the sky will look red

Or purple

Or green

Though you know it should be blue

When you are high the world seems better

But also it seems worse

When you are high feel like you're stuck in amazing dream

But sometimes it's scary

And you don't know what you should do

Sometimes food taste better then it should

Sometimes it tastes like cardboard but you continue to eat

When you're high you can lose yourself in the feeling

In the feeling of falling

In the feeling of laughing

In the feeling of loving

In the feeling of everything

And yet nothing

When you are high you get so lost

You get so confused that it's fun

When you're high a cat talks

A dog talks

A squirrel talks

A mouse talks

A tree talks

When you're high you try to beat up a tree

Cause it dissed your mom

When you're high green becomes purple

And red becomes yellow

Blue becomes orange

And they all swirl together

They all dance as one

And you can lose yourself in the beautiful colours

And the make you feel so much that in seconds you're crying

And you're tripping

And you're laughing

And you're falling

But you remember none of this

When you are high everything contradicts itself

Everything is beautiful

But it's not

Everything runs and turns and blurs into nothing

And when you're high

You forget the world

And you love the world

And the world loves you back

When you're high…

It all makes sense

But none of it really matters