8:23 pm. I sigh. "3 hours and 37 minutes to go, Cocoa." I tell my Shih Tzu/Maltese. She snores away on her doggy bed. Can't make it to the New Year, huh? I think bitterly as I stand up from my small bed. "It isn't fair, Cocoa." I say, even though she is sleeping. "Every girl in New York is getting their wish and going see the Ball Drop and I'm at home." I pout and kick my hamper in frustration.

Cocoa sits up with a fright. "Sorry, go back to sleep. Nothing eventful is happening anyway." I apologize. She closes her eyes and starts to drift off again. I turn on my small TV. The news is on. While the anchors go on about something I notice two girls in the background. Chloe and Reagan. Some friends they are. They were sad to hear I couldn't go with them, and even said the night wouldn't be fun without me. By the looks of it though, they are having a great time. I shut the TV off and lie back on my bed. "Why?" I exhale loudly enough to wake up Cocoa again.

Five minutes or so later, my phone buzzes. It is a text from Chloe.

Chloe: Quess who I just saw!

Me: First off, it guess. Second, who?

Chloe: Oops, my badness. (: Anyway, it was Caleb!

Me: With who?

Chloe: IDK some chick. Pretty too.

Me: Ugh, hate my mom, hate my life, I really hope 2012 is a better year for me.

Chloe: Yea, me too. You being all unlucky and stuff may rub off on me.

Me:…Wow thanks.

Chloe: Just saying!

I chuck my phone across the room. It lands on some pillows. Why must my mom be sooo overprotect—

My thought is cut off by a knock at my door. "Hayden?" My mom peeks in the door. I don't answer, which somehow in her head means that she can come in.

"I know how much you dislike Fred, but I don't think you will after what he convinced me into doing." She tells me and sits on my bed right next to me. I sit up in curiosity. "You can go—" She's stopped in midsentence because I hug her.

"Omigosh mom, thank you!" I say in near tears.

"Don't thank me, thank Fred." She says.

"I'll wait." I smile, then I kick her out of my room so I can get dressed.

I put on some Miss Me knockoffs and wear my older brother's Letterman. After applying a subtle amount of mascara and clear lip gloss, I am ready to go. My mom and Fred (her boyfriend) take me to one of the entrances.

"Be safe, and call us every hour." Mom warns me. I nod. "Oh, and it's cold, take this hat." She tosses an unflattering snow hat to me.

"Sure, mom." I say, looking at the ratty thing. I turn to leave, but then stop in my tracks. Turning around back at the car, I call, "Fred," he whips around and looks at me, a little surprised.

"Thanks." I grin and he grins back. They take off, and I know the first thing I will do. I walk over to the nearest trash can and ditch the hat. Check. The next thing to do is to find Caleb. I am not going to find Chloe and Rachel. I figured that if they are having fun without me now, it won't matter. Pushing through the crowds, I listen as Pit Bull performs. I pass by a hot chocolate vender and get some.

I sip. Mmm, nice and toasty. I keep going, weaving my way through the packed crowd. I don't know how long I spent searching, but it has been a while. Finally, I give up. What am I looking for? A Cinderella story?

I head back to the hot chocolate vender and text my mom to tell her I'm safe. I sadly look up at the countdown clock. 32 minutes until drop. Then I see him. Caleb is making his way through the crowd, over to me. I grin, until I realized he is holding the girl's hand. And she is gorgeous. Definitely a girlfriend.

"Hi, Caleb." I smile sadly as I look over at the girl. With blond, wavy, hair, porcelain blue eyes, fair skin, and a bright smile, I am no contest. And that makes me feel worst.

"Hey, Hayden. Nice seeing you here." He smiles brightly at me and let go of the girl's hand. "This is my cousin, Ally." He introduces me to the girl. Cousin? I grin from ear to ear. "Hey, Ally. Can you get me some hot chocolate?" Caleb asks his cousin. She nods.

"Man, this is really cool. I didn't expect to see anyone I knew, especially with these crowds." He gestures to the abundance of people.

"Neither did I." I lie. We keep staring at each other, then the ground, then each other again. It is only when people start chanting we wake up from our trance.

"10…9…8…7…6…" Ally rejoins us with 3 cups. She hands them to each of us. We all join in happily. "5…4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!" We toast and gulp down our cups. When I look back, Ally has dropped her cup and is kissing a boy around her age. I had totally forgotten the tradition of kissing the person nearest to you for good luck. I turn back to Caleb. He is smiling wide. "Happy New Year." I giggled, and we kiss.

2012 is going to be a good year. I can feel it.