Destruction of Sysicalus


"Beginning activation sequence," the technician said cooly, "bringing internal sensors and weapon systems online. Visual sensors are operational. The C-12 Nemesis is fully active and ready for combat. Plotting destinition to the city, Sysicalus. Nemesis has been deployed, lieutenant, over"

Lieutenant Mark Fenrus listened well to his com-link. "Roger that, alpha omega will hold its position," the lieutenant answered, "until the arrival of Nemesis, over and out."

It was nightfall, not a cloud in the sky. A cool breeze crept along the ground as the lieutenant gazed at the untouched city of Sysicalus through his nightvision optics of his helmet's visor. It was black and all shades of green. They had tall structures that challenged the clouds, with defining landmarks, testament to their greatest people in their history.

Mark had began to imagine the town when it was filled with people, sheep for the slaughter. People living out their lives with no idea what was to come. Kept to believe all was good and well in their own safe little minds. The great and wise leader of the demesians, Mark's people, deemed the anikenians…a plague. And their mere existence prevented the demesians from ascending to the promised land.

Now Sysicalus stood as a ghost town, completely abandoned. But yet, a base of operation for the what's left of the anikenian's proud military. The order of its destruction was issued when intel reported anikenian scientists were conducting experimental research. Research that would lets say, jeopardies the great leader of the demesians' path to liberation.

Then Mark slowly turned to gaze upon his magnificent army. They were a force to be reckoned with. And in the path of liberation, they have been unstoppable. The soldiers led the way, numbering in the thousands. Armored tanks and vehicles armed with SAM missiles followed close behind. Then there was the war machines, the spine of the demesians' military.

The C-12 Nemesis model, built for war. Mark marveled at the spectacle, twelve Nemesis models all lined up, bringing up the rear. They were twenty-five foot tall terrors, weighing hundreds of tons. They were armed with inter-changeable ammunition, such as a pulse sonic ion beam, mini-gun firing 47mm shells, and SAM missiles located at the palm of its mechanical arms.

The anatomy of the Nemesis model was basic. Built with legs, arms, and a torso, but no head. All the highly advanced system and sensors that make Nemesis an elite killing machine were located in its torso. It would make it the largest part of its body, but also the most impenetrable with heavy armor.

These ruthless machines have two very powerful mechanical legs, capable of carrying a hundred-thousand tons. First attempts at taking out the Nemesis's legs were proven, ineffective. After anikenian scientists received data revealing the C-12 model blueprints, they learnt the Nemesis was made out of a special type of metal that's invulnerable to all anikenian weapons and explosives.

There was a smile on Mark Fenrus's face, underneath his mask as he rose his fist high in the air. "We shall cleanse this piece of land and condemn the blasphemers!" He shouted at he top of his lungs.

"Death to the blasphemers!" the thousands of soldiers shouted back in unisons.

All at once, the entire army had began running into the city. The ground rumbled under the pure might and size of the army of the Demesian Empire. They would storm the city, and crush the weak anikenians.

Victory shall be shift and effortless. The Nemesis will make it so.

The only one that wasn't apart of the charge, was Lieutenant Mark Fenrus. He stood there, he always waited till he was the last one behind to follow after the others. As the last Nemesis passed him, he slowly followed behind…

Targeting sensors searching…searching for most valuable targets. Targeting sensors have locked on to a power station. Weapon systems activating SAM missiles. Nemesis ready to fire…missiles away.

There was a loud blast that rang through the air followed by a sharp whistling sound that grew louder with each second. A moment later, the power station erupted in smoke and fire. The force of the blast blew those near by into cinders and others clear off their feet. Debris and wreckage rained down.

Demesian tanks laid seige to the city, clearing the battlefield of all structures. Blast after blast, it targeted structures that garrisoned anikenian troops. The buildings collapsed with the enemy inside.

Armored vehicles targeted enemy tanks. A single missile blew tanks into a burning wreckage. When hover crafts flew through the air space, they were blewn out of the sky.

The demesian soldiers held the front lines and pressed hard. They pushed on fearlessly. Through the smoke and debris that covered the battlefield, demesian soldiers loomed in the dust, firing non-stop as they slowly walked, pushing the anikenian troops back.

The anikenian troops stood by as they wanted for a visual of the enemy troops. Out of the thick smoke, ion spheres shot across the battlefield. Soldiers found a hole burned through their torso, others a hole limb blown off, and the worst of all, anikenian solders dropping to the ground, headless. The anikenian soldiers fell by the dozens, without a sight of the enemy.

Nemesis switching to pulse sonic ion beam. Weapon systems ready. Ion beam charging. Targeting systems analyzing battlefield. Targets have been selected. Ion beam charged…fire.

Anikenian soldiers did all they could to repel advancing enemy forces, but they were over runned. The anikenian captain saw no way out. He glanced from to and fro. Enemy troops flooded in from both flanks. He saw his men being slaughtered without a fight. Then he looked to the horizon where he caught a glimpse of his demise.

He saw the dreaded war machine, Nemesis. Its weapons aimed directly towards him and what remained of his battalion. A reddish light was building in the machine's palm, it kept growing brighter and brighter till it fired a concentrated beam. In that second, everything turned a dark red, the beam engulfed him. His entire body…obliterated…

Mark sat atop one of the many tanks that were at the far back. He was plicking petals off a red tulip. He had his helmet sitting next to him. He was in his late twenties. His hair was short and black, he fixed it to stand straight. He was a lean build, with broad shoulders.

Without him noticing, one of his many 2nd lieutenants approached him. "Lieutenant Fenrus, we were wrong, sir," the 2nd lieutenant explained. "The anikenian forces were stronger than our intel first revealed. A second wave has emerged from the underground tunnels of the city and has started to attack us at all fronts. There is a slight chance of defeat."

Mark laughed a little at the thought of the glorious demesian army defeated. Then he saw with his sky blue eyes the seriousness in his lieutenant's eyes. So he began formulating a plan. In a short moment, the plan of action called to him.

"Call all ground units back to the edge of the east side of the city," Mark ordered. "And call for an airstrike, and make it clear to mission control, that they must use enough fire power to wipe Sysicalus off the face of Zukin."

The 2nd lieutenant was shocked at the order as he turned away to carry it out.

"One more thing, lieutenant," Mark stopped his lieutenant. "You have fifteen minutes to get all ground troops away from ground zero. For when the time is up, the airstrike will be called regardless. Pray no soldier is caught in the blast. It would be such a shame."

The lieutenant's eyes grew wide with compassion for his fellow soldiers. "Sir, you can't be serious," he said, trying to hide his anger.

"Its either a few poor souls or our entire army," Mark countered. "Now you got twelve minutes left, time is ticking fast."

The lieutenant wasted no more time as he ran his quickest to the nearest radio station to call all squad leaders to withdraw…

"Their falling back men!" An anikenian captain shouted, in hopes it will rise morale. "Keep fighting! Olyn is smiling down on us men, we fight for him!"

The captain stood standing behind cover. Before him, his men fired under cover, holding the front line well. He looked to the sky and saw the sun rising. He felt his body weary from the long battle through the night and knew, he would be greatly rewarded for his efforts.

"Olyn has finally granted us our long awaited victory," the anikenian captain said to himself.

The sun appeared over the horizon and shined a blinding beautiful white down on the anikenian captain. He rose his arms to embrace Olyn's gift. It shined intensely bright. As time went on, the light started to heat up. A moment later, his armor was beginning to sizzle.

The light white became a fiery red as there was an incredible explosion. The blast radius engulfed the whole city and annhilated all those caught in the blast. A great wave of tremendous heat swept the city.

The sky was an evil red as debris floated in the air. The world was covered in a red haze. In the middle of the city, a fire spiraled up into the sky. A hand risen from the ashes, the one anikenian captain survived the wave of heat. He was burnt badly and terribly hurt. He could barely breathe. He crawled and struggled to pull himself out of the rubble. He saw buildings completely obliterated. It was hell on earth, to say the least.

When he thought the worse was over, Nemesis rose from the rubble. The evil war machine was scanning its surroundings.

But something was different, the captain saw sparks coming from its left arm, right palm, and sections of its torso. It took the breathe away from him. Nemesis was damaged. It struck the captain profoundly.

Damage assessment underway. Left arm is unresponsive. Targeting systems malfunctioning. Right arm's weapon system malfunctioning. Requesting assistance from mission control, standby…

Downloading new commands, standby… Commands received. Right arm weapons still operational. Unable to switch to other firing modes. Searching for bio signatures…searching. Faint bio signature detected nearby. Exterminate all survivors.

The anikenian captain continued to stare at the terrible machine. It didn't move an inch since it rose from the rubble. It was like a statue. Then, it abruptly moved and began walking towards the anikenian survivor. Every sound, every movement that the mechanical terror made was a knife in the captain's heart.

It stopped several feet before the captain. It stood still as to say, this marks the end of your existence. It rose its right arm in a flash.

Charging ion beam… Ion beam charged.

The anikenian watched the red light grow and gather energy.


The world suddenly became completely red, then…utter nothingness…

Gates slowly opened up. Dark figures approached the gates and stepped into the glorious demesian stronghold. Once the dark figures stepped into the light, it revealed that they were demesian soldiers. Leading the soldier was the commanding officer, Lieutenant Mark Fenrus.

Mark saw soldiers lined up on each side, behind them, the glorious Nemesis units. It was tradition, all demesians military subjects must be in attendance to welcome soldiers returning from a battle.

At the far end of the hall was, the great and wise leader, Kinzok. He wore black robes. He was bald, with a thick short black bread. He was a tall man, very slender.

"Behold my brothers, a sign that the Sysicalus has been destroyed," Kinzok broke the silence. "Along with the blasphemers that it harbored and any hope to defy our great lord, Nazloc. brothers, look at these men that return to us by Nazloc's will. They are the hand of Nazloc, for they are the faithful. But the truly faithful are those that are with Nazloc now, those that left us on the battlefield of Sysicalus and all past battles."

They continued to walk up the great hall as Kinzok went on. Mark smiled as he heard Kinzok's voice. He was a great and wise leader. His soldiers trusted him. He never led them astray. He promised the campaign to cleanse the wicked anikenians would be swift and fast moving. Mark knew it was exactly what Kinzok promised, because Mark was there from the beginning, twelve long years ago.

It was dark times before Kinzok came to power. There was a long famine. Endless storms, made it impossible for farmers to grow anything. Food was beginning to come in short supply. And worse of all, a disease that swept Demesha, the land of the demesians. It killed all the livestock, the elderly, and the young ones. Mark for one, was thankful that Nazloc delivered the demesians the savior Kinzok the prophet, the one true prophet.

As Lieutenant Mark Fenrus stood before the podium, Kinzok smiled warmly at Mark. Mark watched as the great and wise leader stepped down from the podium. Suddenly, he felt so honored. He was recognized by Kinzok. Finally, all his devotion will be rewarded.

There they were, standing face to face, Kinzok was smiling as he gazed at Mark with kind eyes. "Kneel, my child," he whispered. Mark did as told. Kinzok rested a hand on his shoulder. "Brothers! Here is one whose loyalty is unmatched. This is one I remember when he was a young man, a mere eighteen years of age. This one believed in me since the beginning. And one that deserves a reward. From this point on, he will be known as Major Mark Fenrus. Stand up and let your brothers praise you, my child."

As Mark stood up, the great hall erupted in cheering and clapping. It felt good. It was a long time coming…