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This was supposed to be for my club, Creative Writing. My teacher asked us to make a poem about women empowerment for a dance. And since this was just in my files, I decided to copy and paste this. And if you people have a better title for this poem... please suggest it to me!

I know my mom isn't reading this, but I just can't take all the credit. Thanks for helping me!

Since this is not fanfiction, I will not put the disclaimer thing anymore. :):

Women: Then and Now

Women were missing empowerment
They had no choice
Since they didn't have a voice
There was no equality with women; that was their predicament

How miserable life for women then
They were compared to men
They couldn't fight
Did they even read and write?

But those were the bad years
Let's talk about the better days
Ah, those courageous women who fought for their rights
And through their cries, the people saw the light

Women can now read and write
They now know how to live their life
Women can do anything as they please
From leading an army to victory, to caring for fragile babies

Me: Please review or Kronos here will arrive in your house and force to join his new army or die! *points to mirror which magically shows a blurry image of Kronos in Tartarus*
Kronos: Release me first, you weak mortal!
Me: After I find out how to without Zeus finding out...
Hera: What if I find out?
Me: I- I was just joking. I'm not smart or cunning enough to do that.
Kronos: You little-
*mirror is broken*

My second poem... just in one day! Well, the first was pretty much like this one- as in, it was for one of my subjects. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Adios! ^_^