There are times, when life upsets me, I can really use a hug;

But a person, rather than a tree, would make a better cuddle.
Yet the Planet Huggers will embrace what crawls with beast or bug,
As their view of God's creation ends up in a proper muddle.

People talk of saving Agapanthus. What of saving souls,

Like their own? They march for foliage in public demonstration.

They make mother nature's life support the foremost of their goals,
As the sin of serving forestry is cast around the nation.

Now the thought of every mile you drive incurring carbon tax

Is a fiscal wrought, infuriating each and every Truckee.

So they too are demonstrating, with a burden on their backs,

Having chosen their vocation in a manner most unlucky.

We did not create this planet. God alone did that in six

Literal days. He watches over it. He knows just how it's going.

He has never once ordained that we should be the ones to fix
What He's working on, with angels who aren't there for overthrowing.

Where does planet hugging have its birth? In Babylon, of course.
Pagan gods were brought in by the Devil, serving as distraction

From the one true God: the planet's omnipresent power source.
Phony nature gods in present day have gained a lot of traction.

It's the first commandment being broken, whether they're aware

That they're doing it or not. God won't accommodate a rival,

Like a nature god or goddess with a counterfeiting care

For creation. We should trust in Jesus Christ for our survival.