I'm terrible to you guys, I know! This is a very short chapter...but for a good reason. I've been so consumed in writing for my other big story (which started as a branch off of this one, but has sorta taken on a life of its own!).

My other story is about Bennett, our favorite older brother, and his own personal journey. :)

Thanks for hanging in there! This chapter is important, I think, because we're finally allowed a tap into what our protagonist is thinking. Why she's been acting so distant and cold...

Chapter Eleven:

Want, Need, Love

It was the night of the party. The night I gave Liam everything. I remember it so clearly…

"In times like this, the guy is supposed to push hair out of her eyes. But we don't do things like everyone else, do we, Viv?" Liam was hovering over me, thoroughly invading my personal space, eyes inspecting me carefully for sign of protest

"And then he's supposed to kiss her," he continued, storm-cloud eyes drilling into me. "I should kick you instead." Liam. Such a nutcase. Such a weirdo. I let out a snort of laughter and mirth danced in his eyes. The air between us was electric. My every movement felt magnified and slow.

Of its own accord, my gaze shot down to his lips. My face flushed and I immediately looked away, only for his hand to tip my face back up toward his. The softness of his lips meeting mine was more than I could've ever imagined, during my many years of toiling with my feelings for my best friend. Our kiss felt so right – so natural and easy, even though neither of us had much practice at it. A curious heat warmed my body, drawing me closer to him and lowering my inhibitions.

"Finally," he whispered against my lips, making my stomach muscles tighten. "Finally I can kiss you like I've wanted to for so long." His words were kindling to the fire between us. All of the waiting, hurting, and longing was packed into that moment of complete and utter passion. I had never been so consumed with the need for another human in my life, and I anticipated that I would never feel that way about another person ever again. Only Liam

We were a colliding of two waves – the fitting of two perfect puzzle pieces. The intensity of it scared me, to the point of pulling away, but Liam's gentle touches lured me back in. He uttered my name with a thick tongue before taking away the fabric that separated our bodies. Roaming hands, hungry eyes, tensed muscles became the space around and inside me. For the first time, I felt completely lost in another person.

When his lips dragged across my throat, I decided that I wanted all of him.

When his teeth scraped a path across my chest, I decided that I needed all of him.

When his tongue dipped into my navel and downward, I decided that I loved all of him.

I gave up my body and soul that night. My heart was turned into glass, which had to be handled with care. That night, I teetered on the brink of insane love and insane pain. Liam owned me, and could do whatever he wanted with what I gave to him. My heart was glass… and he crushed it in a coffee shop, the day it rained.

It wouldn't be simple, repairing the many jagged shards of my trust. But hell.

I would try.

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