Author's note: What has happened to Landry in this book is a real disease of the brain. It's called dissociative fugue, which causes a person to completely forget everything; their name, where they are, etc. It's temporary, but it can last for a while, the longest to be reported 3 years. It's very rare, and can be induced by, stress, trauma and other things.


It was the last game of the year. People crowed into the tiny bleachers on that abnormally hot spring day and cheered on the Lady Bobcats soccer team. The announcer slowly introduced the players. Everyone cheered for each player, but Landry Neman got the most by far. The super talented captain was 15, with brown hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. Her blue eyes shown with determination and confidence, but behind them, on the inside, she was a nervous wreck. It was the first time since the opening of Rosewood High School that the Lady Bobcats had made Championships, and Landry didn't want to be the captain who let her team down.

And there were other reasons too. Her aunt had just been diagnosed with cancer and doesn't have money to take care of it. Landry's mom was trying her hardest to pay for it by working overtime. She's always busy now, Landry thought, I hope she has time to see my game. The thoughts nagged at Landry, and she forced herself to concentrate on the game.

The rest of the girls huddled up around Landry and the coach. They looked at Coach Darner with excitement and nervousness. "Okay, girls," Coach Darner said, "this is it. If we win this game, we win Championships and take home the gold. You'll be the first group to bring it home for Rosewood girls' soccer. If you just keep playing like you have, this game will be a breeze." She concluded. The girls nodded and then turned at Landry expectantly.

"Uh…like Coach Darner said; just keep playing like we have before. We're a great team, and we're all friends. We also have great playing chemistry, so nothing should go wrong. After all…" Landry felt her problems melt away as she smiled to do the last part.

"WHO ARE WE?" Landry yelled so that the whole field and bleachers could hear.

"BOBCATS!" The team responded joyfully.

"AND BOBCATS DO WHAT?" Landry asked.

"WIN!" they answered.




"WIIINNN!" The team put their hands together and raised them. Everyone cheered. The starters flocked onto the field, while the others took their seat on the bench.

The game started with the Bobcats having possession. The team passed it down the field, and Landry made the goal. The crowd went wild. Landry smiled and looked to see if her mother was in the crowd to see it. She wasn't. She was sad for a moment, but then a teammate called her back to her senses. The other team, the Canter Hill Falcons took the ball down with a breeze. They scored just as easily as Landry. Come on, Landry mentally kicked herself.

The game raged on. By the 3rd quarter it was 9 Falcons and 6 Bobcats. Landry was unusually exhausted and her throat burned. To make it worst, no one she really cared about was there to support her. During the brief break right before the last quarter.

"Come on, girls. Only 3 points to tie and 4 to win. We can do this; I know you can. You all are phenomenal players. We can do this. Now for this quarter, I need Hannah, Katelyn…" Coach Darner rattled off some names and Landry's. Landry was a little reluctant, but decided it would be best to finish out this game. She tried her hardest to forget how sore she was and how much she was dying for a drink.

She got on the field and the referee blew the whistle. The game was intense as the ball went back and forth between teams. The ball finally went out and it was the Bobcats possession. Avery, Landry's teammate threw it in. A girl from the Falcons charged for the ball, knocking Landry head first into the field. The world slowed around Landry as people rushed to help her up.

Coach Darner sprinted over to Landry and got her. "Are you okay?" Landry didn't respond. She looked severely puzzled. "Go get splash some water on your face and get a drink. Then come back here and sit down. You're out for the rest of the game." She instructed.

Landry obeyed and left the field to get a drink. Or so people thought. But as soon as Landry left the field, she was never seen again.