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Chapter 1

The small, weak-looking boy was glowing bright white. His radiance illuminated the enormous, dark forest. He was flying somehow, without wings or wires or any kind of support. He looked like an angel inside an endless expanse of black pillars, leaving a trail of swirling, fluttering leaves in his wake. The air was now charged and it became more viscous whenever the boy passed by. This was what Jake imagined the angel of death looked like.

It was no longer a question. This boy had something unique, something unimaginably powerful, something that Jake would never have thought possible. Foe after foe attacked him, all at least twice his size, but the boy would simply look at them with his vicious, empty, white eyes. He would raise his hand in their direction and they would be thrust back into the darkness beyond, pushed by some unseen force.

He would glide around on nothing, systematically crushing all his enemies. A few had been able to touch him, but found that his body was seemingly invulnerable. They ended up hurt far worse by the boy.

Jake watched from the forest floor below with awe, respect, curiosity and most importantly, envy.

How can this be happening? he thought. This just can't be real. It's impossible, physically impossible!

He rubbed his eyes to be sure he wasn't hallucinating. When he opened them, he saw the boy swoop down and extend his hand toward another adversary. With a scream, the man shot back into a thin sapling, snapping it with a crack. The sapling began fall. With a wave of the boy's hand the small, severed tree whipped to the right, bashing into the torso of yet another man who was rushing forward to attack him. The man yelled, doubled over and fell to his knees, groaning.

Any sane person should have been terrified, but not Jake.

This is so awesome! he thought. Wish I could do that! A grin slowly formed on Jake's lips despite the battle raging around him. And I thought today was going to be boring…