I was walking. That's the only thing I noticed. I knew I was dreaming because everything was completely white and no matter how much I walked I couldn't get away from it. I also noticed that Cornerstone was playing in the background which made me feel as if I was in the music video.

It was one of the strangest dreams I think I've ever had because even though it was strange and all the white was a little hard to look at nothing bad happened. It was just the white walls and floors and ceiling and Cornerstone.

Thought I saw you in the battleship
but it was only a look a like
She was nothing but a vision trick
Under the warning light
She was close, close enough to be your ghost
But my chances turned to toast
When i asked her if i could call her your name

And that was all. I couldn't feel any pain and nothing scary came out and tried to hurt me. It didn't feel like a nightmare and I didn't think I was dead. It was strange but good.

Somehow I started having strange thoughts like I wondered if this is what heaven was going to feel like, just a bunch of white and the Arctic Monkeys softly playing in the background.

It was a nice dream.

Tell me where's your hiding place
I'm worried i'll forget your face
And i've asked everyone
And i'm beginning to think i imagined you all along

The dream soon began to fade however, and I began to notice that the song was fading with it and soon I seized to hear it all together. The music was replaced by silence and soon that silence was replaced by laughter. However I still didn't move.

I could tell that I was halfway between a sort of dream world and reality but I still didn't try to wake up, or at least I don't think I did. I could really only notice a few things around me. That laughter, my bed, and a pair of arms that were around me.

That's when I knew I must have still been dreaming.

"Emmeline Marshall, if you intend on going to school today I suggest you get out of bed before you are late." I wanted to shout back that I wasn't planning on going but I didn't really see the point. Knowing my parents they would have called the school and had me excused so they could have a talk with me about teen rebellion, no doubt handing my a book to read about teen angst or something of the sort. My parents weren't normal.

"Yes mother!" I knew she hated when I shouted in the house, but at least that talk had been over and done with.

I wasn't looking forward to my first day at a new school.

I had lived in Ohio most of my life even though I was actually born in Wisconsin. My parents were both psychologists and they had moved us all to Ohio when I was five so that they could work in a local clinic there. Now we were in Maine where they had the opportunity to run their own clinic. How grand.

My morning passed by as usual. My parents both read over the paper the television in the living room turned on to the local news to where we could all hear it from the kitchen. They both liked to keep up to date on news stories so that they could use some of them as examples for some of their patients. I didn't really care to understand that.

My parents both drank black coffee while I ate dry toast. When I was finished we all piled into the family car and my parents dropped me off at my new school. It was a large brick building that more closely resembled a prison rather than a school.

Walking the halls of this new school I could tell that there was already a very precise clique system in place.

Walking in through the big wooden doors of the school I wanted to imagine everyone stopping to stare at the interesting new girl. I wanted to pretend everyone was looking at me while my hair gracefully flew out behind me making me appear far more attractive than I actually was. I wanted so badly to make believe that I was the center of attention for that one moment in time, but the reality was that I was just as invisible as I always was.

When I walked in through the entrance of the school no one looked my way and I was able to make it to my locker without so much as a glance towards my presence.

It was only the first few minutes of school and I already felt sick.

I leaned my head on my closed locker door and tried to take deep breathes through my nose. I could tell this was going to be a long day.

"But Thalia, you aren't even listening to me, please just listen." I turned my head towards the sound of the shouting voice. I was expecting a huge dramatic scene of a girl dumping her boyfriend for cheating on her with her far more attractive best friend but when I turned to look it was only a boy chasing after a girl who didn't look interested at all.

She was a tall brunette with a short bob haircut and she was walking alongside an olive skinned girl with long black hair. They both seemed to be carrying on a conversation with each other while altogether ignoring the dark haired boy who was still chasing after them.

I didn't know which one was Thalia, but whichever one of the two she was, she was a cold women.

"Isn't it sad?" I jumped back at the voice that suddenly appeared beside me.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." The girl who was now standing beside me said. She appeared to be Asian as she has the eyes for it and her hair was a deep ebony color that went down to her waist.

"Not at all." I tried to hide my embarrassment with a smile but the girl didn't return it so I simply chose to look down at my shoes and ignore the last two seconds of that conversation.

"I'm sorry what's sad?" I pretended to be busy trying to open my locker door even though I couldn't remember the combination and I was far too preoccupied with the task to look at my schedule where the combination was written.

"That Oliver keeps chasing after Thalia even though she dumped him ages ago." I guessed that the boy who had just been shouting was Oliver but I still couldn't guess who Thalia was.

"Um, who is Thalia again?" The girl looked at me as if I were stupid for a moment before some sort of recognition shone in her eyes and she finally lent off the lockers to stare me down straight in the eye.

"You must be the new girl everyone was going on about." She said while staring me up and down in a sort of predatory way. I was scared, but I wasn't going to show it so I simply nodded and continued to try to open my locker even though I knew I was never going to.

"I should have known, everyone at school knows about Oliver and Thalia, you had to be living under a rock not to know." I continued nodding my head hoping that this moment would pass by quicker than it was.

"Well, I'm Nadia, and I guess you know who I mean when I say Oliver, but Thalia was the girl with the bob. She's kind of a bitch but sometimes she has her moments." Nadia quit staring at me to turn to her own locker which was a few down from mine. I mentally sighed when her attention wasn't on me anymore.

"Anyway, welcome to Edison I guess." She didn't sound very excited when she said this but I didn't take it personally seeing as she didn't seem like a very excitable person.

"Um, thanks." That's all I could say before the bell rang signaling that everyone had a minute to get to homeroom.

I gave up on my locker and picked up my bag from where I'd laid it down beside me. I was going to leave but when I looked up I noticed Nadia was still there as if she was waiting for me.

"You got your schedule?" She asked while at the same time holding out her hand to take it. I didn't know why I decided to give it her, it might have been because I was too scared to argue with her or simply that I wasn't thinking, either way I reached into the front pocket of my bag and handed the folded piece of paper to her.

"Cool, we have homeroom together, let's go." She didn't give back my schedule so I really had no choice but to follow along side of her.

When we reached the classroom I noticed no one payed us any mind and no one tried to say hello or came over to talk to me nor Nadia so I assumed it was safe to be her friend sense she didn't appear to be part of the popular crowd.

I took a seat beside her and tried my best to listen to the announcements that were being said over the intercom, but I stopped trying when I noticed no one else was listening either. Instead I turned my attention to the people in the classroom who seemed to be half awake.

That's when I noticed that Oliver boy was writing something down in a notebook. He wasn't paying attention to the announcements or anything around him for that matter. He was just scribbling things down in that book.

I continued watching him for a few moments longer until his eyes snapped up to look at me and I quickly turned away trying to ignore the stare that I could now feel on the back of my head.

Not the best way to start the day.