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Oliver continued to pull me around the hallways of the school until we made it to an unlit area which had been closed off to the students so that it could get repainted. Oliver didn't seem to mind the highlighter-yellow tape however, as he pulled me along underneath it and into a complete other world which happened to be free of anyone besides me and him.

I could feel myself start to panic as he gently pushed me up against the cool metal of the lockers and looked down at me. I couldn't really see much of anything since the only source of light happened to be a window that was on the other side of the hall but somehow I could feel his stare burning into me.

I wasn't exactly sure of his expression but I was almost certain that he wasn't completely happy with me by this point. It was because of me that he had almost gotten into a fight with a guy twice his size after all.

I could feel my heart beginning to pick up pace and if it hadn't been beating so loud that it was blocking every other noise around me then I would have probably heard Oliver's breath in my right ear. His lips were hovering over the spot between my shoulder blade and my ear and every now and then they would wonder around up to my cheek.

I was happy at this point that his eyes were no longer burning my skin but his close proximity was causing me to panic again. I wanted to get away from him and run the other direction but it was as if Oliver was the lion and I his very scared and weak pray.

"Thank you for getting me out of there." I could feel a chill run down my spine causing me to suck in a gulp of air that I didn't know I had been thirsting for. His voice low and huskier than normal which quickly exaggerated his accent to great heights.

When the bell rang only a second after I was expecting Oliver to walk away and leave me there paralyzed but he didn't, he actually didn't move an inch. I could still feel his breath on my neck and I could only then register the feel of his thumb gently rubbing circles on my hand which he hadn't let go of.

"We should probably be getting to class then." He gently whispered in my ear before he finally backed away from me. He didn't do or say anything more except for walk me to my next class.

I could once again feel the stares of people on my back as Oliver and I walked hand in hand through the maze of students in the hallway but it wasn't too terribly menacing since neither Oliver nor I were too particularly popular.

Once we had both made it to my English classroom I turned to face Oliver who was looking at me as if he was pondering whether to let me go or not. He gave me a curious sort of look which neither scared nor thrilled me either since he seemed to be concerned about me. I didn't want Oliver to think that I couldn't handle myself without him. I already felt useless all the time and having him look at me the way he was made me feel positively worthless.

"You'll be fine." He said but not in a way that was meant to sound reassuring. He actually sounded as if he was simply letting me know a fact of life.

"Yeah." He let go of my hand allowing me to enter the classroom with only a small salute from him as a goodbye.

I felt strange all through that day. For some reason I was anxious when I wasn't with Oliver and that surprised me more than anything else. I was definitely in a battle with myself seeing as how I could neither be around him without being nervous nor away from him without feeling completely alone.

"Are you okay?" I looked to my left and came face to face with Thalia, the girl whom Oliver seemed to adore. She was giving me an odd look and only then did I realize that I had been scrunching up a wad of paper with my hand. Obviously I must have looked strange to her.

"I'm fine." I reassured her while letting go of the wad of paper and pushing it to the opposite side of my desk so that I wouldn't be tempted to pick it up again.

Thalia simply nodded her head, that bewildered look still on her face, before she turned her head to look at the front of the room again. She didn't ask me anymore questions for the rest of the class period but every now and then I could feel her curious gaze on me, probably wondering if I was some sort of headcase.

When I walked into Chemistry that afternoon I saw that Oliver was already there and when he looked up and saw me he actually smiled but only small enough so that only I could see.

"Emmeline." He greeted me as I took me seat beside him.

"Hello." I was still feeling a little awkward around him but that was probably just my natural reaction when being around people. I might have been able to make a couple of new friends at this school but there was no way I was ever going to be a normal person when it came to interacting with other people.

Oliver looked down at me with an all knowing look on his face. That, plus the teasing smirk that was playing on the ends of his lips, made we turn bright red. I looked down at my hands so that Oliver wouldn't notice but when I heard him chuckle I could tell he had seen me.

"Well Emmeline, now that I have this golden opportunity I was wondering what you were doing this Saturday?" I slightly lifted my head to look at him. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or not but when I looked up there was nothing on his face to make me think he was joking.

"N-nothing." I managed to stutter.

"Good, I was thinking we could go out, maybe I could show you some more of my "magic powers". He put quotation marks around the term magic powers which reminded me of the fact that he didn't think his abilities were all too special.

"Sounds great." I actually managed to smile back at him excited about the idea that Oliver really did seem to trust me, at least a little.

The class was just about to start and I was already feeling better about today when all of a sudden Thalia appeared in front of our lad table.

"Hey Oliver." And just like that I became invisible.

Oliver looked over at Thalia with a look of pure admiration. He seemed to be entranced with her mere presence as if she were some exotic creature he was laying eyes on for the first time. It was almost amazing how she could get him to lose his mind over her.

"Thalia." Oliver brightened up immensely. So much so that I was starting to wonder if he wasn't upset with me after all.

"So, I was just coming over here to see what you were doing this Saturday." She leaned across the lab table and began to twirl a lock of his hair around her perfectly manicured finger in an oh-so flirtatious way.

"Saturday?" He asked in a daze almost entranced by her voice.

"Mhm." Thalia giggled at him obviously enjoying the reaction she was getting.

Oliver looked back at her for a few minutes basking in the wonderful glow that was his Thalia. I cleared my throat uncomfortable with the way both of them were so openly flaunting their ex-relationship in my face.

Thalia switched her gaze to me only she didn't seem to be as warm towards the new girl who had caused Oliver to stop paying attention to her all of a sudden.

"Oh right, Saturday. Emmeline and I actually had plans for-" Thalia didn't give him a chance to finish his sentence before she stopped him.

"She won't mind, will you Emmeline." She spat out my name like a volatile skin disease she couldn't wait to get rid of causing Oliver to look at me for the first time since she'd arrived.

His expression was, surprisingly, almost asking me to say no. That almost yearning look was only in his eye for a second before it switched to that of yearning for her. I waved the whole idea off as just having been in my imagination and shook my head.

"No, I don't mind." I softly whispered and looked down at my hands again unable to keep the red away from my cheeks.

"Great, call me then." I heard Thalia walk away but I still wasn't able to look at Oliver, and I didn't look back at him after that.

That Saturday was one of the most uneventful days of my entire life.

Nadia had to do some family thing so we couldn't hang out with each other at all over the weekend. Needless to say I hadn't told her what had happened with Thalia in Chemistry that one day for fear of her hunting her down and skinning her alive.

For that whole day I just stayed at home in old sweats, my hair a mess, watching Adventure Time and Charlieissocoollike videos online. It wasn't until that night, in fact, that anything truly happened.

I was laying in my bed trying to get some sleep with Humbug playing in the background. The night was particularly cold so I was cocooned in my covers trying to fight off the cold air that kept trying to penetrate my fortress of warmth. I really wasn't getting any sleep at all and instead I was busy trying to keep myself from thinking about Thalia and Oliver together when I heard a loud thump coming from the side of the house.

I instantly jumped up into a sitting position and looked around the four corners of my dark room trying to keep myself from freaking out too much. When I didn't hear anything more other than the sound of Alex Turner's voice belting out the lyrics to Crying Lighting I was almost able to calm myself down.

I decided I had been listening to music a little too long and got up from my bed to turn off my stereo when I heard more creaking.

I wanted to believe that it was just my imagination running wild but I couldn't force myself to calm down. I quickly sprinted all the way back to my bed and enveloped myself back into my covers and just when I thought I was safe a shadow stepped out of the darkest corner of my room.