Title: Guardians of the Willow

Setting: The Willow Forest of Rivany

The Willow Forest had belonged to her family, her race, for thousands of years. They were nomads, guardians of a sacred land that had, throughout the centuries, remained neutral among nations. It was a safehaven for the outcasts of the world. Half-breeds, radicals, criminals, free thinkers, they all gathered here. It was a place of ancient, sacred magic that most of Rivany had lost in her long history. The family were simply called rangers or guardians. They had been there as long as the Forest herself, and were neither elf, nor vampire, nor witch, nor forestcreature. Their blood was green. They fed on sunlight and water like a flora elf. They protected and served the Forest with their lives. It was a position of honor, but their race was slim, and as the Forest grew larger over the centuries, there was less and less the Rangers could do for their people. After all, the Willow Forest was massive, untamed, lush, and seemingly infinite in forestcreature species.

To the North, was the Grove of Bleeding Hearts, a self-sustaining village built on the fruit trees that grew in the warm weather. To the East was Wooltown. The economy there was mostly based on farming , but they did a lot of trading with the Southern village of Gothel. And finally, to the West, there was a vast and mostly unexplored portion of the forest ruled by wolves.

By the time the Vampire/Elf territory feuds began, there were 13 living guardians. 8 young and in their prime, and 5 old and confined to become one with the forest.