Seven Deadly Sins


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holy water cannot help you now

see I've had to burn your kingdom down

Bless us, Father, for we have sinned.

We drink. We do drugs. We eat too much and then throw it all up. We starve ourselves to death. We steal. We cheat. We lie (God, do we lie!). We scheme to get our way. We blackmail and bribe anyone who tries to stop us. We fight. We torment the helpless. We boast. We hook up with the people we should stay away from. We only want what we can't have.

Every sin starts small. It starts small and harmless, like copying someone else's answers on a test, or appreciating the attractive teacher's physique, or feeling angry at a friend. And then it grows. We don't even notice it happening, usually, and by the time we realize what exactly we've gotten ourselves into, it's too late to stop.

We've been sinning since we were little kids, stealing candy from each other and sneaking sips of the Communion wine. As we got older, the sins got worse – stealing money instead of candy, and sneaking kisses instead of wine. Years of religion classes at St. Sebastian's have taught us every sin in the book, and every time we learn a new one, we commit it.

Our senior year of high school brought with it lessons on the worst sins there are. Sins so grievous that even Father Dominic is afraid to talk about them. Being the wicked children we are, we lapped up the new information and set to work right away making our way down the list, checking off each sin as we committed it. There are seven of us and seven of them. Seven deadly sins.

Lust. Greed. Sloth. Gluttony. Envy. Wrath. Pride. Commit any one of them and you're going straight to hell. But here's what we wanted to know – what happens when you commit all seven?

We have sinned. We have sinned greatly. And we've discovered that the seven deadly sins are just that – deadly. There are seven of them…but now, there are only six of us.


see I have to burn

your kingdom down


A/N: Lyrics are from Florence + the Machine's "Seven Devils." I will update if I get enough reviews.