Dark themes. Sometimes how I feel.

Chapter 1

By chance, is there anyone listening to the tortured thoughts inside my head?

Here's a word of advice: No matter how much anyone pisses you off, do not murder anyone.

I've done it. And that's why I'm here, at an asylum where insane people get "treatments" and are supposedly made all better from those stupid jolts of electricity.

I refuse to talk. It doesn't matter how much people want me to open up, "get better". I don't care.

Look into my eyes. They're tortured, angry, bewildered, hurt.

Look lower. There's my mouth. And it looks normal. But I won't speak, won't let anyone in. I locked up my voice. It's been unheard for three months after I became a killer. Nobody cares. The therapists just want to get paid.

I'm going to be the hardest case they ever worked on. Cooperation is not an option.

How do I get out of this?