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Chapter 3

I sat on my bed, glaring at the guards who were currently taking their shift to watch my cell. Flexing my wings, I prepared my latest plan to put into action.

I closed my eyes as I threw my consciousness into the guard standing on the left of the cell. I felt free, unbound, as my mind sailed through the air like a small cloud, and I couldn't feel my body at all as I detached all strings from it.

My mind came to rest in its destination, the man's brain. I made myself as unnoticeable as possible so his consciousness wouldn't detect mine, but I focused on his eyes so I could see what my body could not, from within my cell.

Looking around, I found that the corridor my cell was in was pretty large, maybe even enough room to fly. I looked up, and I found that the skylights were actually made of fiberglass. I was definitely not strong enough to break the fiberglass. Not yet, anyways. On the left, I saw a large gate, not unlike the one that guarded the entrance to the lobby that I'd broken through. The corridor was a dead end on the right.

I retreated from his head, flying back into my own body. I knew what I had to do then.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up from my bed. Thank God I'm not chained down. I approached the bars and tapped on them with my fingernails. The sound was quite loud in my cell, and it attracted his attention. Of course, I was maintaining my sense of muteness in order to protect myself from any incrimination that my words might give.

Both guards turned around, and looked surprised at what they saw. The one on the right hefted his gun, saying, "What should we do? They never prepared us for something like this in training."

Before the other one had time to answer, I once again inhabited their minds, this time not bothering to hide myself. I still had a grip on my own body, since I wasn't looking to use their bodies, and I stretched out my hand imperiously. The right guard made a small choking noise as I exhibited more force, pressuring him with the blanket of my mind to give me the small ring with many keys on it.

The key dropped into my hand, and I thought, Sleep now. Both sets of eyes rolled back as both bodies sank to the floor, unconscious.

It took me a moment to unlock the cell door, and I glanced both ways, just to make sure a patrol of guards wasn't coming, before I burst out of the cell. I spread my wings, hoping that flying would be semi-easy for my escape, and I launched myself into the air, flapping hard.

The feeling was exhilarating. I soared about eight feet off the ground, my body parallel to the floor, my wings outstretched naturally, like all of the birds I'd seen flying. I realized, with a jolt of shock, that I was meant to fly, and that my destiny had always been what I'd imagined it to be: to make a difference, to fly, to BE different.

I flew through the air to the metal, barred gate on the left, taking the ring of keys that I'd been given, and unlocked the large gate. After taking a huge running leap and giving a huge down-stroke, I was back in the air.

However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the amount of guards at the end of the hall. In the midst of them was a bald, stern-looking man. He seemed to demand respect and attention, even without asking, and there was a palpable aura of fear, danger, and malice around him.

I dropped to the ground, and in a moment of indecision, I skidded to a halt, turned around, and began racing to the gate.

But the gate was locked, and a guard on the other side of it gave me a huge, taunting grin. I scowled, angry at having been foiled again, and turned around, pressing my back to the gate. I was hoping that my newfound super-strength would give me the ability to bend the gate, maybe even break some of the bars, but the metal held firm.

I was trapped.

Going back through the gate meant that I would be trapped in here for another day, maybe even a week, an idea I had no intention of going through. However, remaining here to find out what the man wanted, especially since I had never seen him before, was not something I was really excited about, either.

In a last-ditch attempt to get out and stay out of this hell-hole, I stretched out my mind into a spear that would, hopefully, dig into his mind and give me access to his thoughts. I mainly wanted the reason he was here.

My mental spear skated off the surface of his mind. It was like a wall I'd never encountered before, so strong and smooth and blank, like a whiteboard. Nobody else here had even come close to achieving that state of security. I couldn't find anything that would distract him, give me an excuse to slip in quietly. I couldn't even tell what he was thinking at the moment.

Now I was terrified, and he knew it. His mouth twisted into a sick smile, more like a grimace than anything. He leaned to the side and whispered something to the young woman walking next to him, whom I had never seen before. She nodded and focused her gaze on me. I hardened my stance, trying to appear invincible.

As he got closer, he called out, "Arianna. How nice of you to come out from your cell. It's saved me the bother of staring at you like an animal in a cage. Aren't you sick of this place?" He gestured to the walls and the cells grandly.

I didn't answer, and he sighed. "Still not cooperating."

One of the guards grinned like an idiot and yelled in my direction, "This is the last day you'll be spending here! This man, Sir Russo, has agreed to buy you for half a million dollars!"

It was a lot more than what the government was willing to pay, and that was why they'd given me up.

I warily stood my ground. Sir Russo seemed displeased with the loud interjection, but he continued toward me, only five feet away.

Then four feet.

Three feet. He was right in front of me.

Sir Russo snapped his fingers at the young woman standing impassively, and her deep black hair whipped around as she sped towards me.

She was so fast that I didn't even see her coming. She was there for a second, then gone, like the wind. All of a sudden, I found myself standing in the middle of the group of men, with an unexplainable burning pain in my left shoulder.

Sir Russo grinned. "You, Arianna, were meant for a greater purpose. How many people do you think have been chosen for the UnderWorld? Take Bria, here. She was discovered as a young girl, living on the rooftops, able to outrun anything. I found her and took her in, and she has proved a very useful assistant. You, Arianna, are different. You have many gifts, and I will keep you in the UnderWorld." His tone was hard on the last part of his sentence.

I glared at him, and tried once again to probe his thoughts. Unsuccessfully, might I add.

Sir Russo turned around, heading back to the entrance of the asylum. "Bring her out," he said. "We have much work to do."

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