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~!Flash Back!~

Woman laughing then comes strolling into Queen Liliths bed chambers.

"Oh Lilith that was the most funniest story that you've ever told so far. Did Charles really gag on his wine in his meeting? Oh my how funny. That had to be soo embarrissing. Poor Charles!" she sits at Liliths desk when her friend sat on her bed.

"Oh dear, Kathy, that was so embarrissing for my husband. He was so red in the face when all his superors scooted away from him." They laughed a little bit longer then calmed down.

Katherina started to figit then sighed, "My dear friend, I have some news to tell you."

Lilith looked up shocked, "Oh dear. I hope it's good news!"

Katherina nodded, "Of course it is!" SHe smiled with happiness, "I'm with child Lilith! Isn't that amazing?" She sighes leaning back on the chair waiting for her friends response.

Lilith stands up with glee, "Really Katherina?" She shouts with happiness, "Yay!" then all of a sudden she stops and sits down again.

Katherina gets up and walks over to her, "Whats wrong dear friend? Has something happened?" She asked worriedly.

Lilith looks up at her with tears in her eyes, "I am too with child." She confesses.

Katherina laughes with happiness, "Then whats the matter? We are pregnant my dear Queen, we are going to have babes-"

Queen Lilith stands up aburtly, interupting her friend, "This is not a happy pregnancy my good friend." She whispers with a great sadness.

Katherina looks at her confused, "Then-"

Lilith interupts her again by sitting down and grabbing her arm, "My good friend you've been there for me, since we were babes, but please do not tell no one what I tell you now."

She stops waiting for Katherina's response.

Katherina nods, "I promise my friend.

Lilith grabs her hand, "Katherina I am with child by a Soul Reeper."

Katherina gasps and stands up covering her mouth, "Oh my Goddess! Your going to be hanged for that!

Lilith bursts into tears, "I know and the babe will be killed, Queen Katherina, my great friend, I don't know hwat to do I already love the babe I can't let it be killed it didn't do anything. My poor babe..." She starts to weep uncontrollably.

Katherina stands there, then sits by her friend putting a hand on her shoulder, "My Queen of Karthlavile, I promise I will keep this secret and help you save your babe. Iswear to the fates I, Katherina O'nell, Queen of Herthvile I will help you keep your babe safe and kept secret."

~!End Of Flashback!~


"Princess Susana! Get down from there! YOu'll brake a bone!" yelled a worried servant.

"Just let me get this apple!" I yelled back.

"Princess! Please!" The servant continued to yell, while her friend stood there and laughed.

"Lady Susana, just come down before you give this poor old servant a heart attack!"

"Oh Faith! Come on! I really want this apple!" I yelled down at my still laughing friend.

"Do you want me to shoot it down m'lady?" She asked.

"No thanks Lady Faith." I said reaching out to grab the apple.

"Princess Susana O'nell! You get down from there this instance!"

I looked odwn and saw my mother, "Yes Mother!" I scrambled down off the tree branch.

She looked at me with annoyance while I shook the leaves off my dress, "Go get packed. We are visiting my old friend."

"But Mother-" I started.

"Don't 'But Mother' me go on do what I told you." She said.

"Mother can Faith accompany me? I asked rushed.

Queen Kaherina sighed, "Okay, fine. But hurry up girls."

They screamed with joy and ran off to their bed chambers to get ready to leave...

~~~~~~~~~~~~Line Break~~~~~~~~~~~~12121212121212121212112121212

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