"The following original story is a based (with permission) on Path of the Vampire, an online role play experience for forum roleplay enthusiasts and vampire story writers. If you are interested in participating in the collaborative story writing and role play, you should check it out (Google: Path of the Vampire)."

It began so long ago no one remembers the exact date in history when it all began. A time when those beings of great power, mistaken and thought of as Gods, became the stories found in fantasy. Memories of them can be found painted across many walls all over the world, telling of their greatness of the things they gave to mankind and the cost that came with them. These are the beings that could be half-animal and half-human, beings with wings, and beings so small that they fit in the palm of your hand and so much more. Those stories, of creatures like unicorns, dragons, the Coyote of Native American tales, show all that they are still there. Still these creatures still lurk within the edges of the wilderness, waiting for those who may come.

Yet this is not a story about the future of the Fae, nor how they came into power over the human race, but a story about how one Princess whose true name has been more or less forgotten but had been known by many names throughout history, some of these names being the Lady of Lake and Selene of the Greek. Yet for the most part she was known as Chang'e, and she thought that she could save her people who were slowly beginning to fade away, who were slowly becoming forgotten as history moved forward. After all the Fae do not just get their powers from nature but from being remembered.

Chang'e was mostly a kind and wise being, loving both her own people and the humans that lived within the village, giving them aid and healing. Perhaps that was why, when the time came no one realized just what would happen, that the aid to her people would end up being a nightmare all on its own.