Chang'e stared in horror over the things that had come to pass, years they had awoken the abilities within the humans born of Fae. They were allies; they were angels who fought the demons. Yet she was to blame for all of such these things and Gomorrah she could not truly believe was dead. No she was sure one day in the future he would find a way to live and return from the Shadow Realm but the few of the Fae that remained within the world would never allow such a thing to happen again.

Harper Rock City had been the final stage, the final battle, and they had killed them all or so they had believed. Never again would the humans need to fight such creatures and so the abilities that were once brought forth were removed by the Fae. Without these powers, humans soon forgot about the Fae and many began to fade into history.

Yet that was not the case, one had lived and in time he would once again awaken many from the Shadow Realm and a new age would begin. This time the humans and the Fae would loseā€¦ or at least that is how the story goes.