Darrom: Dah-rrom (roll 'r' to make a drum roll sound)

Deneé: Deh-knee-eh

Kaeserou: Kay-seh-roo.

Costen: Caw-sten (caw is like a raven's caw, but deeper)

Rakium'ka: Ra-kium-ka.

Rakeen: Ra-kee-en (slightly different sounds of "kee" and en though they merge together)

Triachus: Tree-ah-ch-oos (ah and ch merge)

Markaresh: Marr-carr-esh (roll all 'r's)

Dôll: Doe-ell

Phyllios: Fill-eeh-os

Necro: Neigh-crow (Neigh being like the horse's call).

Morah:More-rah (roll r's).

Silthis: Seel-th-is

Shirak'Ho: She-rack-hoe (hoe like the farm tool).

Author's Note: Please review this - this is the first page of its type I have yet done and I am eager to know how I have done. Also, let me know if there are any words I have missed out (whether they are easy to say or not) as I do not want to have an out-of-date pronunciation page!

I will be putting one of these at the end of every major section of my story to cover the new words. I shall keep on moving it to the end however, so as to make reading easier!