Back to the start!

Right, this is gonna be a challenge! Firstly, sorry! I have been away from this site for over a year now, and I have not been updating this story - my pet project. For that, dear readers, I cannot apologise enough. All I can do is explain why, as best I can. But first, some (good?) news - I am back at my keyboard and will be writing this story again, however, I am starting over. Going back to chapter 1 and re-writing the whole sordid mess. Allow me to explain why (as well as why I've been away for so long

You see, the strange thing is: I haven't stopped writing. In fact, I've been more productive than ever. Just not with Resilience. This is largely because I took a short break from it when I started University and grew more as a person, in a social and academic sense. I was/am studying English, History and Education (with the aim of becoming a teacher). I cannot explain how much University opens your eyes as a socially excluded person. People don't care there. They don't care that you're odd, in fact, they love it. They don't care that you're that weird kid sitting in the corner writing, they ask to read your stories and offer fair, kind criticism. People don't care that you have off-days, they try their best to make you feel better. I have said all that to try and help you to understand the amount and importance of my growth as a person versus my growth as a writer.

Now I'd like to explain how I have grown as a writer. I have been studying English at University level for a year now, and I have read and immersed myself deeply in the world of great literature. I have highlighted flaws in my own writing and have discovered whole new things that I learned how to do. I joined the creative writing society at my University and have grown as a writer with their kind criticisms and help. I now realise that my growth as a writer would have been stifled or stunted by Resilience. In this past year, and looking back on it, I fail to see the personal flair I now possess. There was nothing unique about the way I wrote it. I have discovered my own personal voice as a writer when I was away from this story, and now I'd like to do this story the justice it deserves by returning to it and putting myself into it as I am, not as I was.

I hope you understand and do not hate me too much for this hiatus, and I promise that Chapter 1's redux will be up this week. I will tell you in my profile and on here when it has returned!

Best wishes, welcome back to my crazy world of writing,

- Inky