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Of Apples and Wolves: Chapter 1

The soft sounds of the heart monitor and other machines around the new born child were heard in the small hospital room. The monitors gave off a soft glow through the darkness. What little light was given off one could see that the whole room was white, the crib and monitors; even the very floor was an almost blinding white tile. The only color in the room was the pink blanket the little baby girl had lying on her legs. The baby smiled and made faces; if she could she would be giggling, at a figure in the corner of the room, hidden by the darkness. The only way the baby could see the figure was the outline of his body.

The man looked about to be late teens, early twenties. His gem green eyes seemed to glow in the dim light as he stepped closer to the plastic container that kept the child warm. He had straight brown hair pulled back into a small pony tail that grazed the collar of his green silk shirt with gold thread creating designs of leaves into the light fabric. His equally silky black pants brushed the floor, leaving his feet little defense against the chill of the floor but the man didn't mind; for his body was constantly warm.

The girl continued to smile and occasionally stare at her visitor, almost entranced by him; whether it was his eyes or presence you couldn't tell. He gave a gentle smile as he leaned over the crib to get a better look at the babe. He placed one forearm on the nearby rocking chair and his temple in his other hand, gazing down at the child in what seemed like adoration. He gentle cooed at her as he poked her small stomach and chucked when she burst into smiles and silent laughter. He stroked her bald head and stroked her cheek with his index finger, smiling when she reached for his finger with her tiny hands. He sighed at the contact and the wonderful sensation it brought him; as if a spark within him was set off and his hand tingled at her touch. She stared at him with tired eyes, her exhaustion out weighing the fun she was having.

He stroked her cheek as he hummed a gentle lullaby to her as her hand released his finger and her eyes close. He then stroked her cheek once more, cherishing and longing for her touch before he glanced at the clipboard and chart. Taking the chart that hung on a peg on the side of the crib he read the basic information it had, ignoring the complicated charts that lay underneath that he wouldn't understand. After all, princes are not meant to be doctors.

First Name: Ava, Middle: Rose, Last: Carter

Weight at birth: 4 lbs. 4 oz.

Parents: Ruth and David Carter

He whispered her name a few times. Ava... Ava... Ava... Getting his tongue used to saying the name, his spirit soared at the sound of it and his wolf howled in delight.

Aiden Jackson Blair, prince of werewolves had finally found his mate.

A human mate.

He knew the danger she was in if he didn't place his scent and symbol on her. What if one of his kind found her and hurt her! Or even another human!

He couldn't, no, wouldn't let his precious mate be hurt even before they had a chance to live their lives together. He softly growled, his eyes becoming a golden glow at the thought of his mate being harmed by anyone. His growl caused her to whimper in her sleep. He immediately stopped his growl, though his eyes retained their golden color, and hummed the lullaby again and stroked her head with a finger to ease her back to sleep. He breathed again as he watched her small stomach rise and fall with each deep, even breath.

He immediately took the blanket from her crib, removed the band from his hair, and rubbed it on his head, arms, and face, imprinting his scent into the fabric. Then, taking a leather bracelet from his wrist he placed in on hers. Even in the dim light the golden royal crest embedded into the leather seemed to sparkle. He left a convincing note stating that he was a childless night worker at the hospital and who admired the child and on impulse gave her the little gift, wanting her to wear it and never remove it, cherishing it as he did. He also stated that it was a special bracelet that was meant for spiritual protection against evil or harm to the wearer.

Hoping the letter was enough he placed it on the chair and stroked his mate's cheek one last time. Knowing he would come back for her when she was ready to be brought into his world or whenever she was in need of him, for protection or otherwise.

Aiden took one last deep breath of the sweet, crisp apple scent of his mate as he kissed her lightly on her head before leaving the room as silent as he had entered. His wolf wished to taste his skin to see if it was as sweet as it had smelled, his canines itching to mark his young mate but, he fought the urge and instinct. Leaving his Ava to grow and mature though he yearned to be part of her life so early on.

From that day on, until the day his mate was at his side, Prince Aiden kept apples in the palace in large quantities. The smell reminding him of the precious gift that Fate had bestrode upon him.

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