He sat there under bright white lights staring obliviously at the ceiling. My mouth twinged up a bit, as I resisted a smile.

The notion was so comical, so careless; I wondered if he knew how conspicuous he looked. Not knowing or not caring, a sly smile slowly emerged from his blank face.

I stood there leaning against the pole, watching him, while I waited for a good place to sit.

A gentle voice broke me from my stare. It was an old lady sitting behind me. She seemed nice, considering that I wasn't really fond of old people. She told me take a seat.

Automatically, I politely declined, and said that there weren't any seats left. But then she pointed down the stairs to where the handsome man was sitting, and to the empty seat just beside him.

I knew it was there all along. I just didn't want to sit there; for fear that I might embarrass myself. I pretended to look around the train for better options knowing there wasn't any. Perhaps, somewhere close, but not too close to this whimsical stranger.

"Go on dear" the old lady said, with the most rosiest of smiles. "He doesn't look like he bites" she joked.

I laughed a little at that. She definitely changed my view of the elderly.

"Thank you" I said to her, before heading down the stairs. A brief naughty thought entered my mind at that moment, but I shooed it away as soon as I landed on the bottom deck.

I managed to catch a few glances from the unfamiliar crowd, as I made my way down the train, not including the man with the devilish smile.

I grimaced. Obviously, he was thinking about his girlfriend.

Or wife. He looked around early twenties from afar, but up close it was clear that he was approaching his late twenties. Not that his age was doing anything to detriment his looks.

The empty seat was now two steps in reach. I tried to act normal. He didn't seem to notice my approach, though when I saw him up close, he was near unapproachable.

My heart skipped a beat.

Or it somehow sunk into my stomach and burst, now filling up with helium from an unknown source. I've never felt so nervous in my life.

I took a moment to inhale. It was too loud I realised, like I was gasping in horror, surely he would look at me now.

But he didn't.

He sat there as he did before, like I wasn't there. Eyes affixed to ceiling, lost in an unimaginable train of thought.

My mind confirmed that underlying suspicion it had, as my head slowly filled up with disappointment.

Yep, he has a girlfriend.

Other patrons were staring at me now, as I lingered above him. For way too long, I couldn't put up my cowardly behaviour any longer, and I finally forced myself to speak.

"Excuse me?" I asked quietly.

His dark eyes connected with mine, and I felt a powerful tug at my heart, pulling me into a world that I've never been before.