I could feel myself swimming in those deep dark pools of his, submerging between levels of ecstasy, with every rise and fall of my chest. His eyes then shifted away, slowly making its way across my figure. Oh my god. It was just too much to handle. Who exactly was he?

I swallowed hard. "Um…Excuse me?" I said a little louder this time; I assumed he hadn't heard me the first time, because he hadn't moved an inch. In that moment, he jolts wide awake. The sexual tension severed almost immediately. He physically shuddered in front of me, and gave me a confused look. I detected the faint hint of disappointment in that look.

I bit my bottom lip. I felt rejected and utterly annoyed at myself, because I was imagining things again. I look down at the empty the seat that is partially blocked by his brown leather briefcase. "Can I sit here?" I finally finished what I was going to say.

"Certainly, young lady" he said, beaming up a smile, before he lifted up his briefcase and placed it on his lap. This had caught me off guard completely. I didn't know what to say. I just smiled back, and sat down.

Being in the air around him wasn't making it any easier for me. He was wearing some kind of expensive cologne. Everyone within a two metre radius could smell it. He smelled dead sexy. The train we were in didn't smell that great. It was hot and sweaty, due to excessive amount of patrons boarding. It also smelled rusty and a bit like urine. Having him close by was definitely handy.

If I wasn't so shy, I'd ask him out. He was the perfect type in my eyes. He looked just about 6 foot tall, his hair was a reddish shade of brown, and his eyes were dark and alluring. Even his voice, it was like the devil's confectionary. He wasn't too old for me, even though I was still technically a teen.

The journey from here to home would be approximately half an hour. I had brought along with me two items of entertainment. One was my iPhone which contained many fun-filled songs, but it was running on 20% battery life, so I figured I keep it in my bag.

The other was a gothic horror novel my online friend recommended to me. I found it surprisingly good, despite the fact that it was written more than a hundred years ago. I was about halfway through reading it. The latest edition, made it so the entire book was covered with a thin black layer of velvety felt. Once grabbing it out, I commenced reading it, inhaling the sweet air that surrounded me.

Occasionally, I glanced at what he was doing; he seemed to be staring at his hands. Judging by the way he gripped and un-gripped them, I'd think he was in pain. I swivelled my head to get a better look of him. Oh God. Could I be imagining again? His eyes intertwined with mine. I was drowning in a sea of lust, pain and hatred. The sheer intensity from them struck fear in me.

But then he smiled; the simple and sincere sort of smile. I liked that.