One word. Just one word changed the lives of many people, beginning with a blacksmith who lived in the city of Burbank. Names are not important; he was possessed overnight by an unknown force that had only one use for him: a task that led to the attack of the most dangerous beings that Earth had ever known.

Precisely at midnight, the blacksmith woke up to a noise that he thought was down in his shop. Following the mysterious sound, he discovered a note on the worktable:

My army has been chosen. We will take over this world in a matter of time. My spirit roams and once it comes to you, you will do one thing for me and then you will die. You will make a necklace. A necklace so beautiful that it will attract wandering eyes and destroy all within them. Once I come, I cannot be stopped. Do as I say. YOU WILL MAKE ME A NECKLACE.


The puzzled blacksmith read it again, and then concentrated on the signature: Callista. Just one word. Suddenly, the blacksmith toppled over and passed out.

When he came to, he noticed a lump of the purest gold and a handful of diamonds lying on the table. Dazed but determined, he set to work, for now he was in Callista's hands. A voice in his head talked to him, told him what to do, and soon it was finished.

The necklace dangled from Callista's fingers, a creation of pure beauty and evil, much like herself. The chain was fragile, but it held together marvelously. On the end was a pair of crisscross swords, fashioned of the diamonds.

"Thank you," Callista murmured to the blacksmith. "Thank you. And now..." Slowly, she changed shape. Gray fur sprouted from every angle, sharp claws and teeth protruded from her hands and mouth. The monster that had once been a beautiful girl lashed out at the blacksmith, and killed him.