The faint sound of rushing water freezes me in my tracks. Water can only mean one thing.

They're flooding the Tunnels.

I sprint down the chamber, though I know it won't matter in the end. I've seen it happen on TV. Only a few make it out aide.

Anguished screams echo from the tunnels behind me, making me cringe. Sooner or later that will be me.

I force down the bile rising in my throat and throw myself down a slide. The water is pooling at my feet, my doom drawing nearer and nearer.

Everything is a blur. I pass through dozens of chambers, skid down countless slides, and slip past other fleeing kids. I don't bother to fight them. We're all going to die anyway. What's the point?

But the water is faster than I am. The liquid is up knees. I can no longer move. I squeeze my eyes shut, as if closing my eyes will make everything go away. Don't I wish.

The water, tinted red from blood, slowly but surly rises until only my head is above water.

Another scream.

Then…. silence. Nothing but the sound of the waves lapping at the walls of the tunnels.

This is the end.