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~~~In the Tunnels Control Room~~~

The man squints at the screen. His assignment, 578BJ2, is in contact with another subject.

Finally, some actions. His assignment is not one of interest. She preforms the usual, crying, running, then collapsing from exhaustion. He has seen this for the past ten years he's worked here. But now, now things get interesting. This is the first time his assignment will take part in the Opening Brawl. He hopes she isn't killed. He wants his first opener to make it a little farther.

He speaks into his earpiece, "Assignment 578BJ2 in contact. Shut all doors of chamber N34CN8U0."

The man waits impatiently for a response. He doesn't want to miss the action.

" Chamber N34CN8U0 is closed."

He lets out a breath of relief and quickly clicks on the TELEVISE link on the screen. When the title is requested, he types, "The Opening Brawl." The fight will be brought to public television in a matter of milliseconds.

The public will enjoy watching this fight. It is the first of the season.

The man watches the computer curiously. The girl, 578BJ2, is leaning for the package, as is the other child. After catching each other's gaze, they scan the room for an escape.

The man chuckles to himself. Don't they know there isn't any escape?

One of them lunges.

He is curious to see how things will turn out.

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