No need for big words
No need for big gifts
No need for promises
That you may not keep

No need for the moon
No need for the stars
Just by looking at you
My eyes dazzle with sparks

No need for diamonds
No need for a car
Just a squeeze on my hand
That will take us far

No need to take me on a jet
No need to sail away on cruise
Just a sweet gaze at me saying
"Oh, you will always be my muse."

No need for fancy dinner
No need for a gold ring
I'm just here at our coffee table
Waiting for my phone to ring

A magazine in my hand
Pages adorned with big words
Photos of gifts for the season
Oh, look! There's also stars and moon!

Diamond rings and posh cars
Sunrise from a jet up above
Cruising on a tangerine ocean
Crystal glasses filled with red wine

These could mean the world to many
But to my heart
You know very well the key
Far beyond what the eyes could see
Or simply standing right next to me

And so I heave a sigh
Smiling widely to myself
This magazine is nothing
To the words you tell me
After a couple of ring

A world only you could give
Is the world I so wanted to live
I know the sky will not always be blue
But still, all I could say is
"What a world with you!"