"Okay, so you're going to connect the blue and black wire…" Seven year old Ellie Ramirez instructed her best friend of the same age Lina Iro.

They had been best friends since they were born. There mothers were best friend so basically it was expected no matter how different they were.

Ellie being fierce and energetic and Lina being soft-spoken but charismatic.

At the moment they were currently turning a toy machine gun into, well, something they shouldn't be doing…basically how they spent their afternoon.


"Ahh!" screamed Lina covering her face with her hands.

"What did you do?" Ellie asked her screaming friend.

"I don't know! You told me to connect the red and clack and I did! I did connect the read and black and then everything went - Ahhh! My clothes are on FIRE! Ahh!" Lina started rolling around in the grass.

"Hold on! Let me go get the water hose!" Ellie then ran to the side of her house - ignoring Lina's cry of "Hold onto what?" - and turned the handle of the water dispenser thingy.

She screamed as the water poured out of the water hose at full blast and ran back to Lina who was still rolling around in the grass.

Ellie shrieking as she soaked Lina and everything surrounding her.

"Ahh! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!" Lina kept screaming " I can see my life flashing before my eyes - I knew I should've stolen that cookie from the cookie jar yesterday! Ahh!"

Ellie watching bored fascination as Lina kept psyching herself out.

"The fire is out….stupid." Elli said

"Oh!" Lina came to realize, as she stopped rolling around.

There was silence for a few seconds before Ellie backtracked their conversation.

"…Did you say that you connected the read and black wire?" Ellie asked slowly

"Yeah…" Lina answered afraid she had done something wrong.

"Why did you connect the read and black?"

"Well you told me to…didn't you?"

"No." Ellie answered. "I said blue and black…BLUE and black…I never said read and black.

Do you not know the difference between blue and red?" Elli asked narrowing her eyes

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm still learning the color purple - which by the way is my new favorite color." She put on an excited face.

Before Ellie could respond they heard simultaneous voice behind them asked


"What happened with what?" Lina asked as both girls were turning around to meet the eyes of

their fathers.

"Here!" Ellie and Lina's father exclaimed motioning to the grass, where the water hose was still running, how both girls were soaked , and the small fire that was forming near their feet.

"Nothing daddy." Both girls aid with fake innocence in their vice and eyes

"Nothing? Nothing at all?" Ellie's dad asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Okay Fine….I'll tell you. Well read and black didn't match…" Ellie started

"Then everything went BOOM!" Lina finished excitedly

"What's wrong with our daughter?" The girls heard their father mutter.

Ellie narrowed her eyes as the words reached her ears.

"What's wrong with your life?" Ellie shouted sticking her tongue out and ran inside her house.

"You really should have seen that coming…" Lina said as she followed her friend.

As Lina walked up to her and Ellie's mothers who were in the kitchen making cookies and asked

"Where's Ellie?" while eyeing the last remaining cookies that were on the counter.

"Well she came in here muttering about how someone life sucked…" started Lina's mother

"then she took the first half of the cookies…" Ellie's mother continued

"Like BWAHAHAHAHA" Both mothers shouted

"OH." Lina said as she tried to sneakily hid the cookies under her shirt.

"Where are the cookies?" Lina's mother asked eyeing Lina.

"Jasper took them!" Lina yelled running out of the kitchen and into the living room with Ellie -

who had changed their father's football game to the game "the Power Puff Girls." -who was munching on the cookies she stole,

"What's wrong with out daughters?" Ellie's mother asked

"That's what we were asking?" Ellie's father said as both dads came in from putting out the fire the girls had caused.

"Are you reading to tell them?" Line's mother asked her husband.

"Yes." Lina's father sighed

"Feel sorry for you man…" Ellie father joked but had soft tears in his eyes.

"Thanks." Lina's father said dryly.

Lina's dad approached the girls who were still eating cookies.

"Hey sweetie?" Lina's dad called

"Yes daddy?" Lina answered

"Come here."


Ellie watched as Lina approached her her father. He looked over at her. "You should come here too" He said

Without a word she got up and joined Lina." Okay girls, : he swallowed : Lina were moving back to Japan" he rushed out

It was silent for a moment before Lina asked "Where's that?"

In Asia" Her father answered

"Where's that?" Ellie asked

"Where Lina was born."

"Is it far away?" Lina asked

"umm…well…mmm" her father stalled

"Is it?" Ellie demanded


"OH." Lina squeaked

"Lina's father sighed in relief he had expected something big-

"Never!" Ellie and Lina screamed pelting him with cookies.

The mothers and Ellie's father came in as the girls ran out the front door.

"We'll go get them." Both of the fathers

"You'll probably need protection." both mother's said with amusement in their eyes.