Chapter 1


"Remember your training you klutz!" I yelled at my best friend Bells, the girl had a wobbly fighting stance and she fiddled with her guns for a few seconds too long as she reloaded it. I sighed, leaning against the door frame of the deserted building.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, walking up to me. I smiled at her, standing up straight and shaking my head. I was taller then the girl by a few inches, she would gaze up at me with determined green eyes. Her beautiful ebony hair was always tied back when we went on missions together, she was a little clumsy when it came to work, but it was something I was determined to fix.

"With this war going on, its hard to see you stumble in action Bells." I said, bringing a hand through my thick auburn hair, "The angels will get you if your this slow, when we get back to the base would you like to train a bit harder with me?" I flashed her one of my perfect dazzling smiles when she agreed to it. She was more like a little sister to me then anything, we weren't related by blood however, both our parents died at a young age.

Our mission was to infiltrate enemy lines and find out more information, unfortunately we were spotted and we hid in the left over ruins of this building. The war was very strange to humans back when it first started, but it caused our homes and communities to suffer. It was a rare commodity seeing a large group of actual people now a days. Earth to me, actually seemed like a bunch of ruins of what it once was.

It all started when I was five and little Bells was three, back then a giant and explosive rift opened our gray skies, and in a flash of fire and lightning, the demonic beasts entered our land in clashes of destruction and peril, and wings of dark black and pure white.

Angels were not what one would expect to kill everything and destroy anything in their path, but the beasts caused our kind to peril and suffer. Angels killed our parents and brought our civilization to our knees, they caused new broadcasts and panic. Books were being made about them and warning signs were rising out of the dust from warily passengers.

Over the years many more came through the rift, gray winged ones and ones with specks of brown. They were monsters that tore up the land and caused only pain and destruction.

Over the years we learned to fight them and kill every single different kind they had left.

Angels of light had a pulsing halo, once the halo was destroyed the angels would die. The halo, being the primary life source, like a heart. Their light powers and beautiful snow white wings would be the last thing you saw before your demise.

Angels of dusk, were an entirely new species it seemed, they had small gray wings or white wings with specks of color. They seemed like the grunts of the war, easily killed and barley experienced. Even a idiot could kill them, they weren't our biggest threat, but there was a lot of them. For now, let's know them as plainly, dusk's.

Angels of dark seemed to be the scariest of them all, they almost never showed themselves to the humans but their silent black as night wings were anything but safe. Mysteriously floating in the night skies silent and deadly in the dark, never seen in the light. I've killed many of them, vulnerable like any other angel yet had no halo and could easily disguise itself as any other human.

Angel powers seem unknown to us, and we still learn much of it through fighting them today.

"Let's get back to the base Anne." Bells snapped me out of my daze. I gazed at her still stuck in thought before nodding.

The sprint back to the camp was more then a mere walk in the park, the dusk's were on a high look out for stragglers like Bells and I, and quite frankly they didn't take too kind to humans, especially live ones.

"Remember, quick, agile, and faster." I warned Before running out first. "Remember to keep your trigger finger ready and attack on sight. No hesitations this time, if we get scattered use the communication bask." I tapped on my watch teasingly, watching Bells catch up with me in her sprint.

"Yeah yeah! Boy, you sure know how to talk a lot considering they gave you the title; the angel reaper back at home and all. Silent, swift, and deadly." Bells giggled at my look of frustration, as I turned and pinned myself against a crumbling wall of a building.

"Shh." I mumbled in reply, putting a silencer in my gun and shooting it the exact moment a dusk passed us.

"Yikes," Bells jumped slightly. "how did you know...?"

"Angel reaper." I sarcastically replied, quickly climbing and jumping over the crumbling wall I was against. Bells clumsily followed, but was quick and she followed successfully undetected. I observed the area, sighing slightly seeing the alleyway on the other side.

"Good news is I found a shortcut," I smiled at Bells, pointing in the general direction of the alleyway. "bad news is, the framework is unstable and it could collapse any minute now."

Bells gazed at the alleyway, considering our chances at making a break for it. "We can make it, as long as the walls are untouched."

With a silent agreement and a brief nod, we both sprinted for the alleyway. Movement caused me to hesitate for a brief moment, and I quickly shot at the angel gazing down at us from the top of the building interconnecting with the walls of the alleyway. As I expected, the angel was spying on us and didn't have enough reaction time to dodge the bullet. What wasn't expected was the fact that he had five other friends on the top of the building.

"Anne! They are coming!" Bells yelled, panting slightly out of breath.

"I know! Just a little farther and we can fight back!" I stressed, pushing myself to run faster through the alleyway.

"You shall pay for your interruptions you pitiful humans!" one of the angels hissed angrily, the angel ended up recklessly throwing a ball of electricity at us. Uncommon move for a dusk, sure, but considering a dusk's power is limited on how white or black their wings are, since the small grunt was a light gray, I wasn't too worried.

What I didn't plan on however, was the electric ball of energy hit the alley walls in a failed attempt of actually hitting us, the actual targets. The wall gave away at that exact moment, I barley made it out. The collapse either crushing Bells, or blocking her off from the exit.

"Bells? Bells! Are you okay!" I screamed in a panic grabbing hold of the ruble and tossing it aside.

"Its okay, I'm fine. A wall opened up, I will meet you at the rendezvous point!" Bells yelled over the hissing angels, I sighed relieved before running off.

"Hey! You over grown bird brains! Bet you cant even hit me!" I yelled at the angels above us, I needed them to come after me. Bells is in enough danger as it is if she is going to get to the rendezvous point by herself.

I took off running through the alley ways that seemed more stable, I didn't have time to think I had to react.

I heard their fragile wings behind me, one of them was fairly fast. I assumed the one who shot a ball of energy was quicker, considering the dusk's new found strength. I smirked to myself, I was going to have a bit of fun.

I sharply turned into a corner and jumped, catching my foot in between the smaller cracks of the ruins. I successfully was able to jump back, and land on the first angel following me. As the angel fell from the impact, I shot two of the five in the face from a distance. I reloaded, making sure I had enough time to shoot the last two angels when they caught up. I turned my attention to the whimpering dusk with it's face currently in the ground.

"Why do you meddle with us human?" the angel croaked, it tried to get up but I firmly kicked the back of the creatures head, keeping it grounded.

"You started it." I childishly hissed, yanking a feather from the scruffy wings of the filthy monster. The angel yelped in protest but quite frankly, I didn't care. I rather enjoyed it's pain.

The last two angels were easily killed, as they unknowingly flew right into my firing range. They dropped from the sky before the even saw me.

"W-who.. W-what are you?" the angel babbled, crying in fear. I smirked, enjoying the angels fear a bit too much. I reloaded my pistol, my foot was still firmly on the back of the creatures head.

"I really don't care what you think I am, but I can tell you this." I pointed the gun at the angels temple, the cold touch made the creature shiver. "I can say my people call me the angel reaper, and I kill everything and anything that resembles a filthy creature such as yourself. I am death itself to you, I hate you all with an incredible passion, and I will not be able to sleep or rest properly without all of you dead as the cold ground. Now... goodbye, vermin." I smiled wickedly before pulling the trigger, my very hands trembled in the truth behind my own words. For once I didn't feel anything human behind my actions or words in that sentence, it disgusted me, but this is what I have become. I know no human feelings towards them anymore, only a instinctive destruction.

When I met Bells at the rendezvous point, I immediately felt relieved seeing her safe. The base was only a tunnel away from here, built in to the very side of a strong, ginormous cliff, was our home we called the base.

I was the top angel killer in our base, light on my feet, easily collected, and heck, my trigger finger demanded full bragging rights. If anything I was known as the savior of my pocket of family I had left. Tom the leader of our small group, made Bells and I go on several scouting missions for any stragglers left behind or smaller pockets of people. Many of our attempts were unsuccessful of course, and we were not easily moved by the dead corpses scattering the sides of the crumbling sidewalks, alleyways, or ruined roads.

"It's the angel reaper!"

"Anne! Anne! How did it go? Successful as always?"

"Teach me how to shoot so accurately!"

"So fit and well defined! I need to work out more!"

"You have another feather? A battle trophy I'm guessing! You really have a decent collection!"

The people of the base looked up to me for protection, being the new head of the base in case Tom hit the bucket in battle, it was only natural they did so. Something about this attention irked me however, it seemed like the potential of the whole pocket, including myself could become much more then this. I had a prone feeling we needed to work harder in order to bring down the two evil masterminds behind the war.

Prince Ian, and King Ire. The two names of evil, the true masterminds behind the war. Who knew if they were related. King Ire had white wings, clear and empty as his heart, and then there was the mysterious prince Ian, his demonic wings were cold and colorless, black as his very soul. Both so evil and promising to be close relatives for sure, it wasn't something we were going to dwell on either. They both needed to die, their heads needed to be attached to a stick and burned in holy fire for all to witness.

"Ah my girls! Welcome home! People please, stop crowding her give them space!" Tom's voice reached me through the small crowd of people around Bells and I.

"Tom!" I smiled weaving in and out through people to meet him, he laughed giving me a pat on the back.

"Find anyone?" I shook my head in reply.


I gazed up at Tom, scratching my neck. "No, I'm sorry to fail you but Bells and I have not uncovered any news in the wave point given to us."

Tom nodded making us follow him to his office, we passed by the infirmary along the way. The place always gave me the creeps, it reeked of death and pain. Gazing at the bodies in the small room trying to recover from angel magic would make anyone cry and question what was happening in the world.

"There seems to be more people in the infirmary today." Bells commented weakly.

Tom's office was the last room on the left in the bed chambers, it was the biggest chamber here but he did a lot more then just sleep and pray in his room.

"Well we did discover something, our last patrol got something quite big." Tom commented, pacing his office. Bells sat down in a chair and I stayed standing, leaning on the door frame.

"Well? Spit it out already! I would love to here something big!" Bells exclaimed excitedly. Tom sighed and chuckled, at her.

"Well, it seems like Ian patrols an elite angel squad right outside the city. Our sources believe its just training practice... its the only plausible explanation." Tom said, muttering the last part to himself.

"Plausible explanation?" I inquired with a raised brow.

Tom nodded stroking his chin in wonder. "Yes, the angel squads seem to be attacking each other. They are either having a power struggle, which seems unlikely since the masters are still Ian and Ire. Or they are just fiercely practicing and they do not care for the safety of fellow sword mates. This is a great opportunity to show Ian we are not a force to be taken lightly, it will probably be one of the very few opportunities to catch Ian off guard."

I raised a brow, interested at such a great opportunity. "I'll go, I'll kill every last one of them." I stated, surprising Tom a little from my straight forward answer.

"It's not that simple Anne, you will be greatly outnumbered..." Tom started, I rolled my eyes and made a sour expression.

"When do I never have a plan? Trust me, I'll end at least half of this tomorrow. I will cut Ian's throat out and hang his wings over the door of our base, telling them all to come and witness our power. I'm not afraid of them, I'm the least afraid of death." I replied through clenched teeth, my fury showing through my determined eyes and curled fist. Before Tom could try to change my mind I walked out, mumbling something about going to bed. For tomorrow, I will meet Ian and he will gladly meet my two pistols.

Ian, the prince of darkness. He is so dead.

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