Rose Report #1

The Black Roses

Born of the grit and grime of Gunsmoke streets, the Black Roses are the premier mercenary group in all of Gunsmoke. Led by their founder, Trayce D. King, the roses have been the successful holder of the number one spot for the last three years as well as being the second place holder of the Mercenary Olympiad. The roses are simply, the best there is, at what they do.

No mission is too big for the Black Roses and as such they have strict regulations on who is a main mission team member. The members that make up the main team have all been handpicked by Trayce himself to help bring up the next generation through a mix of on field training and in school work through the Rose Academy. To become a main member, one must: 1) Have obtained their MERC license ranking of B or higher, 2) Have complete one hundred missions and fifty hunts, and 3) have sufficiently gained a grasp of the Rose credo.

Above a normal member of the team is a Generals and Commander. Of all of the team members, there only two generals and five commanders currently. Those that hold the rank of commander are team leaders and are authorized to give commands in the absence of a superior officer. Those that hold the rank of general are second to none and their commands are to be followed without fail. In order to achieve rank within the Roses, one must: 1) Hold a MERC license ranking of A or higher OR 2) Complete over one thousand missions. There is one optional way to become a ranked officer but it is not often deemed a good idea. If someone were to challenge a officer and defeat them in hand to hand combat, they may assume the officer's rank.

Like most military like units, the Roses adhere to a strict dress code. Once someone has obtained their MERC license, they may wear whatever they wish but most choose to still use part of their rose uniform as a piece of their ensemble. If they do so choose not to wear the uniform, they must carry a specific Rose Badge with them at all times that has their license and a silver rose badge within it to verify their rank at Thorn Base. Most officers, where the medal on their clothing on have it upon their weapon of choice.

Main Team Members (as of Issue 6):

[Rank *if any*][Member-Age-Role-Power]

[G]Trayce D. King-23-Best In The World-Cosmic Manipulation
[G]Lily M. Loving-21- Engineer-Machine Control, Intelligence & Advanced Tech
[C]Broker-23-Scrapper-Spirit Control
[C]Richard Wong-25- Caster- Art Manipulation
[C]Alastor-Good Ass Question- Nuker- Vampirism, Strength & Darkness Manipulation
Creed-16- Warrior- Poison Manipulation
[C]Kuok Minghui-25- Heavy Tank- Unlimited Weaponry, Bulletproof Skin & Anger
Skylar and Ashley Voltus-20- The Twins- Electricity Manipulation
[C]Lan-26- Multi Purpose- Omnilinguism, Teleportation & Ninja
Memento Mori-18- Striker- Dragon DNA, Healing Factor & Strength
Lotus-15- Psychic Striker- Energy Conduit , Flight & Sixth Sense
Keselina Porter (Kes)-17- Force of Nature- Fire Control and Manipulation & Extra Sensory Hearing
ChoCo Katt (Katt)-14- Psychic Striker- Telepathy & Telekinesis
Yoonhyun-16- Hit and Run- Matter Manipulation


Within the roses, there is a certain hierarchy that must be maintained in order for the team to function adequately. Atop of the hierarchy, is the top team. This team is known as the Goshin (Five Saint Beasts) and consists of:

Trayce D. King-The Hero-Cosmic Manipulation
Broker-The Lancer- Spirit Control
Lily M. Loving- The Smart Girl- Machine Control, intelligence & Advanced Tech
Alastor-The Big Guy- Vampirism, Strength & Darkness Control
Richard Wong- The Chick- Art Manipulation

Outside of this, smaller, more contained teams are made up of members in rotation, usually led by a senior member. This is done so that junior members can get adequate field experience with the help of a contingency teammate in case things go south. In the case of the roses, they always go south. Some of the groups that have been used in recent times are:

Super Science Squad

Lily M. Loving
Skylar Voltus
Ashley Voltus

The Undead Formation

Memento Mori

Welcome to the Roses

ChoCo Katt

The Nightwatch

Richard Wong
Kes Porter
Kuok Minghui

Trayce is, in part, an exception to this rule. Due completely to his reckless nature and his propensity to run head first into overwhelming situations, he usually takes on assignments alone or makes his teammates leave. However, even with this knowledge, it is still unbelievable that Trayce has acquired a 100% completion rating on all of his missions including those that have monsters ranked A or higher.

The School

The Black Roses Academy of Higher Learning was established a few years after Trayce and Lily established rapport within the mercenary world of Gunsmoke. Seeking out others born with the unique flower on their bodies, the headmaster and headmistress have made it their goal to make the school a safe haven for anyone and everyone that wants to 1) become a mercenary, 2) become a black rose main team member or 3) to receive a top notch education in a not so safe world. Regardless of the reason for attending the Academy, students learn to function as members of society and receive instruction in a number of subjects taught from a variety of professional staff and Rose members. Some of the current courses offered are:

Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry: If You Can't Blow It Up, Punch It
Instructor: Trayce D. King

Advanced Biotic Engineering and the Infinitesimal Algorithms of Bio-Medical Engineering
Instructor: Lily M. Loving

Occultism, Demonology and Reasons Why You Should Be Afraid of the Dark
Instructor: Alastor

The Physics of Interdimensional Subspace Travel and Containment
Instructor: Lily M. Loving

Artwork: A Medium in Motion
Instructor: Richard Wong

Pre-Algebra: The Easy Stuff
Instructor: Broker

Advanced Calculus for Accounting: The Shit You Need Lily to Tutor You In
Instructor: Broker

Beginning Hand to Hand Combat
Instructor: Trayce D. King

Independent Study in Hand to Hand Combat: Your Fists, Feet and How You Can Fuck Someone's Day Up
Instructor: Trayce D. King

Asimovian Theory and How We Can Improve It
Instructor: Lily M. Loving

This is only a sampling of the courses that are offered at the academy, many leaning towards the side of traditional academia. For any inquiries as to the tuition and how to apply for admission to the school, please contact Headmistress Lily M. Loving for more details.


The Roses fight a lot of things. A lot, of things. There is a good chance that if it is breathing, they will fight it and it is still good odds they will fight non breathing things as well. Along the way, we will catalogue the enemies that they encounter in order to barely help the roses.

Monsters (as of Issue 6):

Manticore- A vicious half insectoid/half mammalian beast whose body burns hot due to the acid in its system.
Gagana- A avian beast likened to a large crow, it attacks with its bronze talons that can easily slice through bone.
Naga- A serpentine creature that has been in lore since the beginning of time.
Minotaur- half man and half bull, the minotaur runs on pure emotion and is unstoppable once its axe begins to swing.
Cusith- a demonic hound dog that shepards woman into servitude of demon children.
Punchback of Notre Doom- a machine designed by Lily M. Loving to take the punishment of the Roses and students alike and to give it back in equal measure.
Gray Man- a ghastly warrior summoned up from the residual feelings left by soldiers on the battlefield.