Yeah, so I know this is short but hey. Anyway, I'm on a writer's block on my other story for Shadowmoon's Wish. If you like you can check that up in me file. This here is just a side story that I just wanted to get out here. I might update or not. Like I said it's just a side story-That occurs in Talahan.


Chapter 1: Covered in Red

Warm liquid fell on me as I stood rigid as the scene unfolded. The very person I loved was slain before me. Her blood dyed her white clothing red. Her lavender hair became the color of midnight as more blood oozed out. Slowly, her blood flowed into the indents in the ground.

Stephen, the Fire's Rage, Valine, the Mother's Love, Winter, the Water's Grace, Raven, the Jay's Joy, and now…it had to be Clairine. Clarine, the Rose's Peace.

The source of my memories.

The girl who loved me.

The girl who took every agonizing step with me.

The girl I would never admit to her pryings.

The girl who was overprotective.

The girl who took care of me.

The girl who…took my place.

My knees gave in. Tears flowed down my face. Her blood stained my clothing. The white sash I wore was half covered in her blood.

My sister… No. Myolder sister is dead.

Nine years ago…

"Shayne!" called my sister. She dragged me to a hug. She squeezed me hard out of fear for me. Hot tears fell into my copper colored hair as I struggled to get out. I told her to let me go. But she wouldn't. She only hugged me harder. "Please don't. Don't look back."

I stopped struggling, realizing the dread in her voice. Screams were coming from behind her. All were screams of fear. I looked up at her.

"Why, Clairine? Is something wrong?" I asked. She clutched my head and tried to calm herself.

"No. Please. J-just don't look back." Her voice and body was shaking uncontrollably. I finally understood. Someone had died. I tasted blood in the air. But it had to be many people who either died or got hurt. It was sickening. Fear lurched in my heart. This only meant one thing. The thought caused me to finally hug her back.

"You're okay, right?" I asked. Her breathing became more calm but somewhat rigid.

"It has started." she said. I took a sharp intake of breath. This couldn't be happening. Her next words proved my suspicion.

"The search for the Chosen Children has begun."

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