The closing chapter is supposed to be the end,

To bring a heart together so it may start to mend,

Our discipline works both for and against us,

And in a brighter future we place our trust,

The future is fickle but the past is dead,

Bent by thoughts which should have been said.

A new book opens and the title reads,

"How to separate your wants and needs",

The world is full of empty advice and quotes,

How are we to know the time take notes?

In the era when the old are as damaged as the young,

Whole hearts are broken by adults' flaming tongues.

Flick through a few pages and a pattern shows through,

Ups followed by downs and old woes seeming new,

Searching for people who you will pull away from,

Soon to realise you are the only person to rely on,

Others can give you precious moments in time,

Consolidated together they validate your mind.

When dawn breaks and the prologue is finished,

The story truly begins as the past is diminished,

Fading away just as scars do with years,

To make way for fresh triumphs and tears,

And though these demons will haunt us 'til the end,

Our hearts need the whole story to begin to mend.