The Final Battle

Chapter One

They stood at the front,

Waiting for the other to move.

He knew she had to move first,

She is a woman, after all.

He mustn't forget his manners for the young lady.

She stared at anything,

Anything but him.

She would never win if she looked at him.

It was impossible.

It was forbidden, this relationship,

But the two couldn't help but try,

Only to fall and never get out

Of the grave they dug.

They are competitors, you see,

And are in a sole match.
It is their final match

After many years of sabotage and hatred,

One will be eliminated.

Chapter Two

It started at the First Meeting.
The moment they met, the Two had the connection.

It wasn't the connection most would think.

It wasn't romantic.

It wasn't friendly.

It was hatred.

It was rivalry.

Everyone knew, though.
They had seen it from the beginning.

It was completely different than what was imagined by the two

That was left unsaid and unmentioned.

The people took sides, and there was an army behind both of them.

The Two stood at the head like two leaders.

That is what they are: natural born leaders.

That meant only one can gain all,

One can rule all,

One can live.

Chapter Three

They gathered their preferences,

Each to their taste,

Each to their personality.

Each chose the music of their choice.

She chose the sound of the voice;

He chose the strings of the guitar.

Each chose the animal of their choice.

She chose an ill-tempered ram;

He chose a manipulative fox.

Each chose the god or goddess of their choice.

She chose Athena;

He chose Apollo.

Each chose a creature of their choice.

In haste, they both chose the same:

The fiery dragon, in need of its reign.

Chapter Four

The First Meeting ignited a war.

As they are both intelligent,

Even for their very young age,

They knew an important tact:

Their friends were close,

But the enemy was always closer.

As forbidden as it was,

They fell into the trap that was set by Fate.

It seemed like Heaven to both of them,

But little did they know,

It was the road to the Underworld.

The Heaven felt too good and they wanted to go back.

After nearly spending a decade of war in the Underworld,

They came to terms and rose back to the neutral Earth.

In their desperate wants to go back to the Heaven,

They clumsily tripped over the trap

And climbed back out rather quickly.

Fate was disturbed and intended on fixing the problem.

Slowly, Fate got its wish.

The Two were once again walking towards the trap.

And again they fell.

They fell and stayed at the bottom.

They stayed in their Heaven.

Chapter Five

That Heaven did not last long, however,

For he woke up and looked at reality.

He offered her a choice, a day, a time.

She accepted.

But she could not wait.

It was breaking her down,

Just like he had planned.

So she dug them out of the trap.

She dug a deeper hole than planned,

And once more the two ended up in the Underworld.

Once more they fought and each left the other broken, but still alive.

They couldn't kill the enemy.

Chapter Six

Years later, after they slowly dragged themselves

Up and out of the hole,

The Two came to terms once again.

Both resolved on their own

That they need to keep the enemy close,

But never too close.

On the outside,

They seem to far away,

Just like distant friends;

But in reality,

They're close enough

That it causes pain.

Both are still broken.

She tried many times to forget.

She occupied herself with other things,

But not for long.

She tried to make a story,

But ended up caught in the lies.

Music always brought her back.

Writing always brought her back.

He tried many times to forget.

His attention drew elsewhere,

But not for long.

Never long enough for her to stay in his line of sight

For such a long time.

Thinking always brought him back.

Music always brought him back.

They fell, and Fate got his wish.

Chapter Seven

They're so different,

Yet so alike.

He got what he wanted:

He got her to break.

She got what she wanted:

She got him to break.

They broke in accord.

They broke in the same heartbeat.

When writing,

She had lost her Muse.

She hadn't thought of a single thing to write.

Writing meant everything to her.

She was too weak to stand on her own.

After falling, she had broken her will to stand

Without the support of another.

Without that support she once had,

She felt too weak to fight.

She felt too small to compare.

She knew she lost.

Chapter Eight

She woke up after years of weakness and denial.

She felt nauseas when she realized what happened.

She woke into Reality.

She is a woman,

A strong, independent leader.

She needs her place back.

She can't let a man take her place.

She won't let it happen.

If he thinks he can take the name of the Best,

He's dead wrong.

That's why they stood there,

Up and in the front,

Like they've done so many times before.

This is the final battle.