They don't talk, talking isn't necessary for the type of games they play. It's not actually a relationship, it's a game. They aren't gay, just in lust for each other, it doesn't matter that they're both female as long as they both get off and there's no strings attached; that's what's important, isn't it? That everyone leaves happy but there's no consequences and no time spent with each other so no one knows more than what pleasures the other. It's fool proof, at least that's what they thought. Names may be the only thing the two have shared. They know on another's names, and phone numbers, each other's addresses, and kinks. Nothing else is needed.

First there's Blaire, she's into foreplay, but only Serine knows that tasty little tidbit of information. She likes to cause pain, to torture.

Enter stage right, Serene, Blaire knows that she likes pain and that it's important to yank on the long strawberry blonde hair at least once during each of their meetings.

Match made in heaven isn't it? Perhaps in the beginning.

Three months. This charade has been occurring for three months. They've started noticing things about each other. Blaire knows that Serine likes the colour blue over all others, but wears gray when she's feeling upset, she knows that the red head likes cats over dogs, but would never own a cat because she's too attached to the slobbery boarhound she owns. She couldn't tell you why she knows these things, but she does.

Seventeen times. Eight times at her house and nine at Blaire's, the rest have been wherever was convenient. Serine knows there are six people in Blaire's family, that her only brother died in Iraq, and that she still misses him more than ever seven years later. She knows that Blaire likes a clean house, but a messy bedroom, and that everything has to be done in threes.

She wonders if this is nearing the end. This being them, it's been three. She doesn't want it to end, so she does something about it.

Blaire is across town from Serine when her phone buzzes. Her hands fumble when she pulls it out and the illuminated screen flashes Serine's contact information. Smiling, she opens the text, not expecting what she finds.

'Starbucks, fifth avenue, twenty minutes?' sadly, the first thought that pops into her mind is where one could have sex in such a public place. Only when her mind comes up blank does she thinks over other reasons the other woman would want to meet at the coffee shop. She draws a blank and realizes she needs to know as she heads to her car.

It only takes her five minutes to get to the coffee shop across town, which may be the product on some illegality on her part. Only after she parks does she realise the stupidity of arriving so early. What is she going to do for over ten minutes as she waits for who is for all intents and purposes, her fuck buddy?

She sits in her car for a good seven minutes before collecting her proverbial balls and walking into the coffee shop with some semblance of confidence. She orders a white chocolate mocha for herself, and a Java chip for Serine; her favourite, before locating a table in the back that's partially obscured.

Serine is four minutes late. Normally Blaire wouldn't even notice, but for some reason she's high strung. Serine is late because she's trying to figure out what she's going to say. She still doesn't have any clue what to say when she walks in.

"Hi Serine." Blaire acknowledges the other woman as she sits across from her and slides the barely melted drink to her. The red head nods her thanks, still not wanting to say a word for fear of what she will say. "Why did you want to meet?" the words are quiet, as though she doesn't want to say them to begin with, but she has to.

As though avoiding the topic that's hanging between them like a veil, Serine takes a ridiculously long drink of her iced coffee. Something Blaire doesn't know about Serine is that she doesn't like to be hurt. She's going to protect herself at all costs. In hindsight, it would've been an imperative piece of information, but as they say, hindsight's always twenty twenty.

Blaire is confused, Serine can tell this by a quick look at the brunette's face, and the small clues she gives off that she is confused, makes what Serine is about to do harder than it was to begin with.

"Listen, Blaire," Serine begins, thinking it was a rather decent start, not too familiar. "I don't think we should continue doing…whatever it is that we're doing." The brunette frowned and was silent for several minutes before laughing.

"I thought you were serious there for a moment." She chuckled, staring at her companion.

"I am serious Blaire. I don't think what we're doing is the best thing for either of us." before the other woman can say a word, Serine stands and takes her half-finished drink, turning to walk you the coffee shop. "Thank you for the coffee." Those are the last words either of them says before Serine leaves. Blaire watched the strawberry blonde walk to her car, once more looking appreciatively at the way her hips move.

Serine gets in her car and drives away, leaving Blaire alone and confused as to how this happened to her. She believed things were going great. She was getting a relationship without commitment. She's still musing why things fell short of what she wanted as she too exits Starbucks.